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Hello to everyone :

Today I will announce to you the 8th competition that I will organize in the SteemFoods Community. I announced the results of the contest yesterday, which I organized with the -steemfoods-cake tag, and you can learn the results of the contest by clicking the link below. We distributed the awards of the top 5 posts and the surprise winner in the contest with the support of votes by @steemcurator02. With @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02, we also gave voting support to the posts prepared for the competition. I will now share the details of the new contest.

SteemFoods Contest -7- | Promote Your Favorite Cake Shop! | Biggest Awards Ever!

What Is This Week's Contest Subject?

This week I want you to introduce "Your Favorite Grocer" where you live. We have many participants from different countries in the SteemFoods Community and I have seen that each country has its own unique fruits and vegetables. I would like to see the fruit and prices where you live with this favorite grocery promotion.

steemfoods contest -8-.png

About Favorite Cake Shop Promotion:

  • Promote your favorite greengrocer where you live. Explain in your post why this grocery store is your favorite.

  • Your favorite greengrocer can be in a supermarket, in a mall, at a local market or a street fruit and vegetable vendor.

  • You can add the interior and exterior view of the grocery store, fruit and vegetable prices, which of your favorite fruits and vegetables, how many times you visit this grocery per week.

  • If you shop from your favorite grocery store, specify what products you bought and how much you paid. It would be great if you add chips to the post as extras.

Biggest Tip for This Competition:

Be sure to explain to your post why this greengrocer is your favorite. In addition, add the inside and outside view of the grocery store, the detailed price list of fruits and vegetables, the location information of the grocery store, how many times you shop here per week, and how much you pay if you shop from your favorite grocery store for this contest. As an extra, we care about your twitter posts.

  • Location information :

You can easily add the location information of your favorite grocery store to your post using the location application below.

What are the Contest Rules?

  • Share your post in the SteemFoods Community.

  • Use the #steemfoods-greengrocer tag. (Entries of the participants who do not use the tag will not be accepted.)

  • Share quality and original content. (The photos you use in your post must be your own.

  • Specify the country from which you are participating in the tag section. (Example; -turkey)

  • You can add as many photos as you want.

Awards of the competition:

Instead of the liquid steem rewards we distributed for the competitions, we now determined "Much Higher Awards". Now @steemcurator02 will give great voting support for contest winners. We will also try to give voting support with @steemcurator01 for quality and #steem-exclusive posts prepared for the contest.

Twitter Sharing:


If you share your post you prepared for the contest with #steemfoods-greengrocer, #steemfoodscontest and #steem tags on twitter, we can give higher voting support.

Be sure to include a screenshot of your twitter post under your post.

For Each Participant: 5 STEEM

  • As you know, we were distributing 5 Liquid Steem Awards every week for participation in the competition. We will continue to support 5 Steem Awards for each participant, but as a vote support. I will give 50% ($ 1.33) voting support to our users, who participated in the contest, with @steemcurator06 account.

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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Человек устроен так, что ему нужно кушать несколько раз в день, поэтому продуктовый магазин это самое посещаемое место! А значит каждому из нас есть что рассказать, вот только нужно зайти в свой любимый магазин и сделать фотографии)) Попробую рассказать о своем любимом продторге))

This contest is interesting, let's see if I can get some pictures of where I usually go to buy the vegetables. I love the idea that the contests are not only about preparing recipes.

Muy interesante este concurso de esta semana. Además salgo a comprar siempre las verduras y las frutas. Mis saludos.

Hola me anoto aqui yo compro mucha frutas y verduras y hasta tres veces a la semana y tengo mi sitio favorito gracias.


Hola @steemfoods gracias por esta nieva oportunidad, el concurso 7 participe y ya era muy tarde pero estare pendiente para participar en este nuevo.


Genial amigo como siempre tu con tus buenos concursos que ponen a volar nuestra imaginación, preparare mi entrada. Saludos..!!


Not common to see such here.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for hard work @alikoc07, I would love to disseminate this information in the Steem SEA community using Bahasa

Thank and Best Regards

It looks like it will be a good contest. This time I will definitely participate :)

Hola qué bien que el concurso de esta semana ya está disponible, espero también participar, muchas gracias.

Genial , las frutas nos gusta a todas tenemos las preferidas y están recargadas de muchas vitaminas, me gusta lo natural y suelo compraras semanales muy frescas.

Que buen concurso me gustaría participar onepercent

Dejo un saludo y mi participación.
Ha sido un gusto participar, aunque no pude mostrar el mejor lugar.

Salut, top merci. moi je vais faire e nfrance des live cuisine.
Le partage de la cuisine du monde j'adore.
très bon blog félicitation.

 2 months ago 

Hi to every one,
i am happy for the next contest. I am sure it will be a nice collection of inspiration.
Have Fun
and best greetings to all

What a great contest.... thanks for inviting me to this contest.
I'll put my entry soon

Hola muy buen concurso espero participar.

Hola es un buen concurso.. Yo puedo participar??

Wow! This is a very nice contest.
Here is the link to my participation.

Thanks to the organizers for organizing this contest.

এটা সত্যি দারুন এক ঘোষনা কারন আমরা সবাই কম বেশী গ্রীন আইটেম খেতে পছন্দ করি। বিশেষ করে প্রায় নানা রকম গ্রীন গ্রোসারি ক্রয় করে থাকি। আমি আশা করছি দ্রুততম সময়ে আমি আমার এন্ট্রি প্রদান করতে পারবো।

hi! here is my entry
hope everything matches the contest guides.
#affable #russia

Thank you @steemitfood for inviting me to this beautiful contest... I really went on a tour today to write this contest.
Expect my entry soon

 2 months ago 

Hola, aquí dejo mi participación para el concurso, gracia por la iniciativa ❤️ saludos y bendiciones!!

Ya coloqué mi participación en Twitter


 2 months ago 

Hola, espero que les guste no solo mi post de mi venta de verduras favorito sino esta receta super rica que hice especialmente para ustedes con una verdura que me gusta mucho, el brocoli.

Hi my fellow steemians, this is my contest entry here


Hi @steemitfoods @alikoc07, here is my entry for SteemFoods Contest -8-. Thank you for organizing this awesome contest. Good Luck to all participants! Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie