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Hello Everyone:


As you know, Steemit Team organized an event to select the Best of this year. With your nomination posts prepared by you, SteemFoods Community and I @alikoc07 We were entitled to be included in the short list of Best Community and Best Contributor to the Community categories at The Steemit Awards 2020.

@alikoc07 -ShortList-1.png


As you know, I started the SteemFoods Community more than 3 months ago. I have worked hard to develop the SteemFoods Community and it continues to do so. During this time, I have worked for you to receive voting support for quality food and cooking content prepared by you, and get both liquid steem awards and great voting support in the competitions I organize. We currently have more than 1600+ participants and now it's your turn to support us.

How Can I Vote On The Shortlist?

Now you can support us by commenting on the last post shared on -steemitblog account SteemFoods Community and me @alikoc07 are candidates in two categories. Now I will explain how to vote.

  • Click on the post link below :

  • Then to the comment section:

Best Contributor to the Community: @alikoc07

Best Community: SteemFoods

The Steemit Awards 2020 Shortlist.png

You can support us by typing as above.

  • Do not add any extra information, photos and gifs to the comment section. Just use your vote like my comment. As an extra, you can use your vote by supporting one of the shortlisted candidates in the 'Best Author' section.

Why Should We Win This Event?

If we become the 1st winner in the Best Community category, we will be rewarded with a 3-month 25K SP delegation for the @steemitfoods account. That's why winning this event is so important to the development of the SteemFoods Community. With this delegation, we can give higher voting support to our valuable participants' posts with the -steemitfoods account. Thanks to everyone who supported us.

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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@steemitfoods I chose it for the best community. I wish you success, I hope you will be the first. 🖐️

 3 months ago 

Hola amigo, ya lo apoye en las dos categorías esperemos y sea uno de los ganadores...

 3 months ago 

Gracias por tu arduo trabajo @alikoc07, tienes mi apoyo.

 3 months ago 

Genial que ganes @alikoc07, eres muy gran trabajador en esta plataforma. Ya voté por ti y la comunidad

 3 months ago 

100% mi apoyo para esta maravillosa comunidad. Éxitos amigo @alikoc07...


 3 months ago 

Espero ver tu nombre y el de esta gran comunidad como ganador, por eso ya te di mi apoyo...


 3 months ago 

¡Hola amigo! Listo mi apoyo. ¡Suerte!

I never been posted for a year..but i was been on steemfood last 2018-2019 so i give my support to steemfood and @alikoc07

Voting done @alikoc07 you deserve to win as the best contributor and @steemitfoods should win as best community ❤️💓💗🥰

Best Contributor to the Community: @alikoc07

Best Community: SteemFoods

Best Contributor to the Community: @alikoc07

Best Community: SteemFoods

mucha suerte para los dos Best Contributor to the Community: @alikoc07

Best Community: SteemFoods

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