To Gain Vote Support: How to Prepare a Quality The Food Diary Game Post? Detailed Step-by-Step Explanation

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Hello Everyone:

Today I will give you information on how you can earn votes from the contents of The Food Diary Game Event in the SteemFoods Community. In order to get voting support in the SteemFoods Community, you must first prepare quality and steem-exclusive content. A great majority of our users are preparing steem-exclusive content, which is why it is gratifying, many of our users also perform well in the competitions I organize and prepare great content, but I can't see quality content at the level I want in Food Diary Game Posts, so I can see you step-by-step Food Diary with images. I wanted to prepare a detailed post about how you can prepare your Game Posts in a quality way and gain vote support. Since I was very busy during the day, I haven't published any content from my personal account yet, but I will. Before that, I think this post will be quite useful.

How to Prepare a Quality The Food Diary Game Post?

Now I will tell you how to prepare quality content for The Food Diary Game Event in detail from Post Title - Benefactor and Tag. Please try to prepare content by following my instructions below. In this way, you will increase your chances of getting vote support and we can increase the number of users we vote for by seeing more quality content in The Food Diary Game Event in the SteemFoods Community.

  • I will explain these stages by choosing the pictures from the Food Diary Game Posts prepared by our users. Thank you to the owners of the pictures for taking these photos. ( Thanks to the Owners of the Photos in the Post : @marcely1 - @marytp30 - @alanasteemit - @morenaluna - @sailawana)

First Stage:

1-) What should the title of The Food Diary Game be?

  • Example: THE FOOD DIARY GAME: 05-09-2021 ( Your Post Date ) | My Shopping List- #sfcharity50pc

Second Stage:

After completing our title, let's divide our day into 5 stages as Morning - Afternoon Towards Evening - Evening and Night if you want. First, let's talk about our food and cooking activities in the morning, and then our food and cooking activities until the night.


In the morning section, you can talk about the breakfast plate you prepared in the morning and the hot or cold drinks you prepared. It would be great if we could take a picture of our breakfast plate and write our Date - SteemFoods + steemit username and The Food Diary Game on a piece of paper. After talking about our food and cooking activity in the morning, let's add a photo below.



After completing our morning activities, let's talk about our food and cooking activities in the afternoon. If we prepared a meal in the afternoon, or if we did a different food and cooking activity, let's add it to the afternoon part. As an example, I can talk about how the delicious lunch I prepared with yellow rice is made, the materials I use and the prices of the ingredients. After talking, let's add the photo. Again, it would be great if we write steemit, steemit username, date and SteemFoods on a piece of paper next to the photo. As follows.


Towards Evening :

After completing the afternoon part, let's write down our food and cooking activities towards the evening. For example, I wrote My Shopping List in my title. I went to the market in the evening today, I can add the photos of the products I bought from the market, the receipt information, how much I paid and what I will do with these products. As in the photo below



  • I wanted to share 4 examples of shopping photos with you. These are sample photos, your receipts will of course be different. Maybe you can add the price of the products you buy in your country in currency / steem by preparing a table as follows, this will attract attention.




In this section, write your food and cooking activities in the evening and add a photo. I recommend adding your photo by adding a photo of your dinner, a sheet of paper that says steemit + SteemFoods + date and The Food Diary Game next to the photo. If you have a food and cooking activity at night, you can add it as well


Example for Tag Usage: The following tags must be 3 of the first 5 tags of your post...

tag-usage-the food diary game.png

  • You have to set a 50% benefactor reward for the sf-charity account on your posts in The Food Diary Game Event, this is one of the rules. We will use all of the income from the SF-Charity account for strengthening the SteemFoods Community, advertising and sponsorship, Medicine + Food Donations + Extra Charity Events.

Set up Benefactor Reward for SF-Charity Account on Your Posts | #sfcharity50pc | To Reach More Families

  • For The Food Diary Game's Other Rules and Awards, I strongly recommend you to review the Post Below.

Food Diary Game Season :1 Begins | Rules | Rewards : 100 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc



Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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Buen post amigo gracias por la información. Bendiciones.

Gracias ya lo leo. No sabía saludo

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Gracias por citar el ejemplo de mi publicación. Sigamos atentos a las instrucciones para cumplir con las espectativas.

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Terimakasih telah memilih postingan saya sebagai contoh..semoga teman di steem foods memahami aturan penulisan food-diarygame.🤗

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Thank you so much for the detailed guidance. It helps a lot.

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Gracias por la mención ;-)

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Thank you so mucb for guidance and support.

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Genial esta publicación. Aclara dudas y asi mejoramos en nuestras publicaciones de the food diary game

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Muchísimas gracias por tomar la referencia.! Seguimos creciendo!

Thanks so.mich for all you do. Most importantly, thanks for sharing this..

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Muy buena información gracias por aclarar tantas dudas

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Me gusta mucha esta manera de poder mostrar nuestros alimentos diariamente 💪

Que buena orientación para participar.

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Excelente. Me aclaro muchas dudas que tenia, ahora si puedo preparar mi Diario de comida.
Buen día :)


Thanks alot , this was really helpful

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