What are the Benefits and Income of Delegating to SteemitFoods Account? 💸💰

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I have prepared a post that gives you detailed information about why it is important to delegate to your steemitfoods account, the income you will get for the amount of delegation you make to your steemitfoods account, and the benefits of delegating to your steemitfoods account. Some of our users are hesitant to delegate to steemitfoods account, some users are actively producing content but do not want to delegate. Some of our users are not aware of how much income and benefits they will receive when they delegate, so I think this post is very important. All our users should review this post with the utmost care. Because the biggest account that will help you on the steem blockchain and earn the highest income is steemitfoods. Now I will first describe the benefits of delegation to the steemitfoods account.

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Benefits of Delegating to SteemitFoods Account ?

  • I distribute a monthly steem + trx reward according to the amount of delegation you make to your Steemitfoods account. Currently, the only Community that distributes trx rewards is the SteemFoods Community.

  • According to the amount of delegation you have made, you will have obtained the PartnerShip badge in the SteemFoods Community. We currently have 5 different partnership badges based on the amount of delegations made. Bronze - Silver - Gold - Diamond - MasterChef PartnerShip Badges

  • I support the quality content of our users who make the maximum SP delegation to their Steemitfoods account - with their steemitfoods account. We currently have 170K+ SPs and the Community that uses manual vote support on the steem blockchain + the highest vote support by content is the SteemFoods Community. You can compare the voting power and SP amounts of other communities you will make with the -steemitfoods account. So it will always be more beneficial for you to delegate to your steemitfoods account.

1️⃣7️⃣0️⃣ 🇰 SP Reached | 200K SP Loading ... 85% ■■■■■■■■■■■□□□ | We Continue to Get Stronger 💪🔥


  • Major changes will begin in the SteemFoods Community in the future. Only our Partners and users who delegate a certain SP will be able to participate in each competition I will organize.
  • My goal is to reach 200K SP now and then $10 voting power. If all our users increase the SP in their wallets and delegate the maximum amount of SP they can, we can reach our goals faster. This way I can give your posts higher vote support.

  • Users who delegate the maximum SP in their wallet and have a better chance of getting votes on our good creators' posts are always better than users who don't delegate.

NOTE : Delegating will increase our SP amount in the steemitfoods account. Depending on the amount of delegation you make, you will earn additional monthly income, this will contribute to you. For me, users who delegate and try to support are always at the forefront. Some users do not delegate even though they have enough SP in their wallet and I have given information about delegation. These users will have a very low chance of gaining vote support and participating in competitions. That's why users who delegate are always private in the SteemFoods Community.

How much income can I earn with my delegation to steemitfoods account?

  • I distribute monthly steem + trx rewards according to the amount of delegation you have made.

  • As an extra, I try to give maximum vote support to the quality posts in the SteemFoods Community with the -steemitfoods account. This is another factor that allows you to generate income by voting support for your posts.

  • Since only users who delegate a certain SP can participate in the contests I organize in the future, your chances of getting high vote support will increase.

  • I support the posts manually, not automatically. This shows that we highlight our users who produce quality content.

NOTE: All our users can evaluate the steemitfoods account with the voting power of other community accounts.

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Muy importante este posts.
Steem Foods, se a convertido en mi comunidad favorita desde que inicie en Steemit, aún yo no cuento con una cantidad alta en SP, para poder delegar, sin embargo, estoy haciendo todo lo posible por ir aumentandolo y así poder tener mi SP más alto y poder delegar.

Hola amigo @alikoc07, #Steemfoods me ha apoyado mucho, la mayor parte de mi SP esta delegado (450)"en agradecimiento y obtengo Steem/Trx de ganancia por ello" (mejor imposible).

Muchos hermanos venezolanos 🇻🇪 y me incluyo, lo que obtenemos lo tomamos para cubrir nuestras necesidades económicas(Comida), pero también debemos pensar en crecer en la comunidad, gracias a estos post y ha los diversos Concursos de esta comunidad debemos Reflexiones y invertir en el crecimiento de nuestras cuentas... Así que a crecer juntos con #SteemFoods y si delegas Igual ganamos, Hasta pronto 🥰🇻🇪.

 2 months ago 

Excelente información . Estoy segura que mi primera delegación será para está comunidad

 2 months ago 

Una información valiosa no solo para la comunidad sino para todos los usuarios en steemit en general!.... Sigamos creciendo!.

 2 months ago (edited)

Buenas tardes @steemitfoods un cordial saludo , aquí les muestro mi delegación 50 SP para la comunidad .


Con mucho agradecimiento a Steemfoods .