SALAD PREPARATION. @verywandering

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-Hello everyone, I wish you all a good day, today I will tell you about the preparation of salad.

  • First, I bought cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions and lemons from the market. I prepared my materials.


-When choosing the ingredients, choose the beautiful and fresh ones. It is very important that your salad ingredients are good, because if it is not fresh, your salad will be meaningless.

-Then I took them out of their packages and washed them well, by the way, please wash them in a hygienic way while you prepare them. After washing, I took out my knives and plates.


-I chopped all of my ingredients into small pieces. At this stage, small chopping is very important, pay attention to this. After chopping it small, I put it on my plate.



-After I put it on the plate, I squeezed lemon on it, you can put different sauces here, it's up to your taste. Then I added red pepper, salt and mint to it.


-Then, after adding salt and mint red pepper on top, my sauces were ready and I had to mix them all. Now I mix it so that it can be mixed into the sauce so that it can taste.



-Yes, it's all mixed up, my salad is ready, the last step is to taste. It looks really nice and I recommend you to try it.

-Today I told you how to make my salad. Thank you for listening to me. I wish you all a good day Steem family.