Steem catching BTC run!

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As usual the grand daddy token is running up most other alts. I don't believe it's anything over that. This is usual with big runs up and then some profit taking which brings things down for a bit. Perhaps we should all just stop reading alt charts and follow the main one.


Well to be fair, there are many times where BTC runs up and sometimes alt-coins are in the red! So then we say it's alt-coin season!


According to my layman chart reading abilities BTC has broken through and looks as though there's more upside on the way! With that being said, it's comforting to know STEEM hasn't all been forgotten and it's beaten some of those other alt tokens. Perhaps only 5 spots on , but still positive non-the less.


Shut up take a token


Seeing Steem peek over $0.20 for a second, feels like we reached a cloud at least... Still have a long way to go. I'm selling at $10.00, or maybe less. :-)

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Sell this at $10

20 BTCMYK rewarded!

ha ok it might take some time for that; if ever. But thanks for entertaining lol

another 20 tip where else it gonna go.

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