These tokens are on Steem Engine and are my top choices.

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There's rumblings.. and if you been selling like I have said not too.. well you going to be left in the dust.

I know I shouldn't shill a token, but in this case I think there are great moves ahead. BTCMYK is going to expand to eos and telos markets very soon. The FOMO is just starting. I've been telling you.. sell us your BTCMYK tokens back because deflation is setting in real soon; and there's going to be plenty of buy orders. Buy some miners while you are at it.. but they are getting awfully expensive now. Hell I even purchased some tokens which is something I rarely do. I did purchase some PAL tokens earlier in the month and that has paid out well to date. If I believe PAL is still doing some more drops and working on a dAPP. Neoxian is also a tribe of choice cuz the people are awesome, respectful, and giving.

So these are my top token holds. Shout out to LEO token as well. I think the price has shown incredible strength out of the many. Don't like my choices? Let me know why. I'm a learner, an earner, and a grower. Ohwell, some will listen.. most will not. I understand cuz there's so many tokens out there. I'm not making promises or giving financial advice. This is crypto and just my opinion.

Sorry if I left a token out. If I did drop it in the comments section.

We are no longer rewarding people in the BTCMYK group with 1000 tokens for a new post. With deflation setting in; it's now only 100!


comments however will be receiving 20 BTCMYK tokens. Next month it might only be 2; who knows!


Deflationary tokens are the way to go! I'm curating on sonicgroove for 50 BTCMYK, it's fun and rewarding.

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Well as said you reply in the group or post in the group you gonna get tokens yourself!

20 BTCMYK rewarded

I wish I had more time to understand some of the other options here.

post in the hive and you get paid in BTCMYK it's a curation token and cannot be upvoted traditionally. It's uses can be explained by Mykos and it's traded on steem-engine. Soon also eos and telos exchanges.

You received 20 BTCMYK tokens (because it was replied in the group)

this is a comment!!!!!!! Please gib tokens, thanks :*

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Yes.. a comment none the less lol


On a serious note you seem really passioned about the project. Ill check it out :)

Well put it this way.. if you bought last week you wouldnt have made 100% back. Good return so far, but the price is going up. And I think it's going to go up even more. Imagine 1000% returns!

So check it out. It's a new concept on Steem-Engine and soon EOS and Telos. So I think there's a lot of upsides at least in the short term.


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Back on the MYKOS train myself...

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