Hive Blog #2020Vision Challenge #41 - I Hit The Jackpot At Yamaya!

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In this #2020Vision Challenge I report on my good luck shopping at Yamaya! Going to Yamaya is always a hit or miss affair as far as the cheese department is concerned. But today, there was exactly the right amount of cheese for me to make a cheese raid and benefit for the "3 packs for ¥1,000" discount: 3 packs of Chedder, 3 packs of Emmental, 2 packs of Gouda and 1 pack of Havarti, plus several packs of Danish blue.

So, in the end, I did not get so much stuff for my "non-perishable" emergency stockpile, but when all is said and done, cheese is cheese.

I was aiming to get 61 challenges done by Easter, but that is no longer feasible! So, with 41/61 challenges completed, can I get the next 20 challenges done before ... the end of April??

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