What if Communities & SMTs are launched during a full-blown bull market?

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If Communities & SMTs were launched last bullrun, every content creator and their mom would likely have/want one. Bear markets, obviously every crypto becomes less attractive. But when the bull returns, SMTs will have huge potential to go viral.

I remember hearing horror stories of people waiting 3 months to get an account. During that last bull, if we had instant accounts, we could very well see numbers of up to 10x what we saw then, meaning we could easily be at around 10 million, even 20 million Steem accounts.

Having to wait even a few days is incredibly harmful for mass adoption. Instant accounts mean you can sign up a friend instantly as well, and that compounds very quickly for social networks.
Point is, Steem is highly underrepresented when it comes to that stats. Steem has tremendous attention memory.

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Having just received the largest upvote of my + 1-½ year "journey" on our Steem blockchain @theycallmedan, I just wanted to "stop by" and express my heartfelt appreciation for it. I assume it is in support of the TrendThis initiative, which has you listed as a potential supporter.

I work hard to write content of value, as it "has my name on it," no matter how it comes to be viewed and ultimately supported "in here." I have no sense of entitlement or any such thing. Not in my upbringing. Not in my character.

But ... It certainly is encouraging when my efforts show up on the "radar screen." This is my first post to ever appear on Trending ...

Thank you for all you do to "spread the wealth" out as far and wide as you can manage. It can only add value to our Steem blockchain. For the mutual benefit of us all.

P.S. Hope you don't mind me leaving this expression of gratitude here, as I do not know where else to put it.

Your post was amazing and well deserving! Going to follow you so I can catch your future ones. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Oh my, well, I am seldom at a loss for words, but ... 🤔

You are very kind. Are you sure you are a whale? 😉 Obviously you are, but not like any whale I have encountered up until now. May your "tribe" increase!

I will follow you and learn more about you, as time permits. Until "next time," all the best to you and yours, for a better tomorrow! 👍

I like that idea about getting Steem on more exchanges with contest and giveaways. We all need to get the ball rollin' on that.

posted this on another one of your comments as well but we indeed need exchanges but they also need to be used, if no one uses it the exchange will kick us out. We have a steem pair on Lykke.com (swiss exchange with dollar onramp) . Its something people want and then we have it but its not used

Good point. https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/lykke Lykke has only 100k 24 volume total.

I would like to see some exchange listing in more Asian exchanges. Of course a Coinbase would be a game changer, Asian countries are very bullish on crypto atm.

they are located not far from me. I could pay them a visit :-)

Sounds like time to power down and be ready. :)

@theycallmedan, Bull Run phase brought lot of attention to Cryptocurrency Space and in this aspect there is no doubt. Yes, if we visualise current Developments on Steem Blockchain with that Bull Run phase then definitely Steem would be flooded with Masses because opportunities and space for creation provides by Steem Blockchain is just so empowering and most importantly inspiring.

But Universe 🌌 have it's own Timeline to influence every aspect. Let's hope that we are moving towards the right direction and everyone of us will travel a very meaningful journey.

Have a abundant time ahead and stay blessed brother. 🙂

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I really like your way seeing things :)

Good to know that. Thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed.

Here's to hoping!! We see a few raging bulls and huge adoption soon. That would be entertaining!! 🐃🐂🐃

It does look like the stars are set to align better this time, if/whenever that is.

Hope so. What I’m wondering is if it does start booming, will we see the droves of folks who abandoned this joint, come running back?!?

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I reckon so. Plus a new wave who should hopefully get sorted for accounts and find their niche way easier than before.

While I have almost been here for 2 years, it has been a constant downward trend with folks bailing each month. It will be nice to see some new blood and old faces again...

We've been campaigning for coinbase listing for quite a while now but it's not pulling through, that one will be really definitive. Two three or four other listings and I'm saying steem might be for the run

Strike while the iron is hot they say. Well when it comes to technology you have to strike even earlier. In other words that would be right about now, before the next bull run, if SMTs is not launched within short and if instant account creation is not working smoothly. Well.. Then the next bull run will be affected tremendously for Steem as well.

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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I think we have enough recource creadits to onboabrd instantly people and for free. I'm always ready to create up to 2 accounts per day with @dcooperation . Just let me know who to onboard and I will do. Maybe we should create community of onboarders who have enough resource creadits to onboard people. I don't know if @steemonboarding are working on that or not.

Hello @theycallmedan
immensely grateful for the great support in my publication. It is the most important vote I have received in these two years that I have been in steemit.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Spanish-speaking community for its support. That is very important, it is a great gesture.

Shoutout to steem. This is still the best blockchain out here in my opinion. It has so much in place already. But yeah as it improves it’s gonna be a beast!

I had to wait a long time to get a steem account - it is definitely something that will put many people off joining.

My account was created through @steemhunt website and it was instant. I hope every Dapp here should make onboarding free and instant.

The whole Crypto market would need more Investors Not speculators, we would also need more usecases where Crypto can be used AS fast and easy payments for example. But this has to be easy like scanning a QR or Barcode at the Checkout. It should only take seconds for the transaction to be confirmed. Steem has Potential here as transactions are fast. We just would need partners that accept Steem or SBD AS a payment,

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Hey Dan!
We have our own exchange with ~300 people on it, STEEM and a few SE tokens are listed, should we do some promo together?

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This reminds me way back 2018 it took couple of weeks to get my steem accounts ready to post. I think we have good times with steem currently and hoping to see more. Thanks for sharing.

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i think 3speak onboarding attemps are quite good actually (logging in with twitter, facebook,....). When we have livestreaming with Steem/SMT based super chats we are good to go.

Do you still hold no limit coin?

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Yes. I want to move NLC over to Steem, would be a huge win win

Im buying NLC now. I wanted to buy vibe at ico but didn't have 25 eth

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I agree that had infrastructural components of STEEM been set up better, we would have seen even more fireworks during the last major bull run. The question is, will we be ready this time around? And what will set us apart from the hundreds of other crypto communities already in existence, with ever more springing up, fungi-like, from the mycelium of bullish crypto-hype?

I think once onboarding is easier, we have communities, SMTs, Openseed for instant accounts, RC pools for dapps to run their own communities and instant messaging this place would have enough firepower to start marketing itself more aggressively.

The timing could not be better. There is the halvening for general attention and that's pretty much it. No competition from other projects. People from all different interests stumble upon SMT's, once they spread, a mania will cover upon Steem.
I have waited 7days for my account. 7seconds would be faster, but less exclusive ;)

That would be pretty awesome. But for now I just have to make content before the next bull run. :)

Smart guy right here. I need to step up my posting game also. Ting rewards are up for the taking and the competition is as low as it's ever been.

Sweet! What's their username ill drop them a vote

I have onboarded new Steemians, these are their usernames



The video isn't playing. FYI - recently sold some of my recycled finds for 855 Steem to two Steemians and have a third purchase pending. Use case via my posts if you need.

I've seen a couple of posts discussing these sales, from the recipients' end.

Yessir. A tiny network effect so far, but greater than nothin'. We're trying. Also a hive generated for a new community. If I find a frogcake statue, I fully expect your order.

As long as you're clear I'm not interested in frogs and cakes as separate concepts, or actual cakes containing real frogs.

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