Actual Coronavirus situation


Dear friends

exactly 2 weeks ago i made this post:

now the situation as you can see from my post image is truly worse, expecially in Italy and in the region where i am working right now.

Anyway my feeling is someone is lying with the truly situation in some other country.

What is your feeling?

You would better feeling in a country where the goverment made over 50.000 costly checks or another where all is passing as normal flue?


Hi @intellihandling

Indeed, Italy has been hit really hard. With their economy already being in trouble (extreme bad ration between debt and GDP) this can push your country into recession. And perhaps drag entire EU with it (since Italy is 4rth largest european economy).

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Yours, Piotr

Dear Piotr, as i said to @lanzjoseg, now almost all north Italy is red zone and it means we have to keep here at list till 3 april. This not means we must stay at home, but we must keep into red area without going out only if is real need....

are you locked within quarantine zone @intellihandling?

Dear Piotr, yes, now we expect more strong restrictions, but i heard next week Poland will be restricted, thats true?

Hi @intellihandling

Nothing easy for any country where this virus is already established, its spread is very fast, again I pray that the Venezuelan land does not touch here, the number of dead can exceed those who are dying worldwide. the thousands of public health problems facing my country and the hunger that we are also facing in my country, that gives rise to how boisterous we are.

In another order of questions and answers.

There was a publication where you mentioned that you are in Italy, I would just like to know how you and your family are, if they are out of danger with this virus.

Cordiali saluti dal Venezuela

Dear @lanzjoseg, luckly my family live in Poland, so no problem for them, but due to i am working in Milano area, at list till 3 april i cannot move out from here, because now all the region is red zone. Of course red zone is not like in Wuhan but anyway the goverment ask to do it...

I think that if the world had treated this virus with all the seriousness that it deserves we wouldn't be in all this mess now.

Here in Australia we have just passed 100 people infected with the virus, the federal government has committed two and a half billion dollars to the health system for checks. The health system is usually handled jointly by the state and federal governments but for this exercise 55% of the cost is being borne by the federal government, We have already closed some schools and universities. The quarantining began over three weeks ago and will continue for anyone arriving from designated danger areas, Italy was put on the list today. Weirdly enough most of the panic buying has been for toilet paper and pasta! People who feel unwell and have reason to believe they may have been in contact with the disease are advise to self isolate. Testing stations have been set up outside major hospitals. So far we have had 3 confirmed deaths from Covid19. We rely heavily on Chinese trade, tourism and student enrollments so the economic effect has already been felt.

I think more people have died but they don't want to alarm the world

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the coronavirus is spreading to so many countries,and while some countries have been able to deal with it,some other countries seems to be unable to tackle the virus,the virus have had a negative impact on most sectors of the world economy which includes the stock market,etc....@intellihandling

Hi @intellihandling

I am inclined to the countries that are concerned with maintaining all their prevention equipment, which take containment measures and who know how to reconcile and help others who are not so fortunate and do not have the resources, as this greatly affects the trade in various. I am optimistic and I hope we get out of this soon.

I think the best action is like they did in China, the problem they did it too late but now they are getting results.

i will prefer a country where those costly checks are made in order to ensure that the coronavirus is prevented and eradicated....a serious government will never act like the coronavirus is just like a normal flu that they should ignore,the virus is so deadly and it should be dealt with urgently.....if possible declare a state of emergency for it...

@intellihandling the coronavirus is a deadly virus that has affected alot of countries and have killed many,one thing i noticed is that in some countries they lie about the figures of those which are infected by the virus just because the government of that country feel that will reduce panic,some countries are also playing politics with dealing with the virus,for example in some countries,the government will claim they have very less people infected with the virus because their government was able to prevent it from spreading and so they claim that them(the government deserve a kudos")but the truth is that the government of those countries are lying and the virus have killed so many people in those countries but the government want it to look like they have done a perfect job and they have completely eradicated the is a shame that some countries are playing politics with such a deadly disease....

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