New way to win against Dice house?

Dear friends

It is started the 6th day with no profit from @epicdice and it seems will be another day in lost.

So the players become wise and find the way to win against Dice house?

I do not like to play because last year i loose more than 300 Steem with @magicdice and i am sure this game had some safety system where made you loose when they decide it.

On that game there was many whales play and i saw many automatic play system with double value of last loose bet till 12 Steem, where people like @themarkymark and @berniesanders was active players.

Now it seems no whales playing, but is true that players won a lot on the past days.

So it seems the game is really fair, but how they can loose so many steem without affect coin value?

Since i have it, the coin value has more than double value and when they win all profit are divided by all share olders, but when they loose, they just do not give anything, but coin value keep strong, so how they can manage it?


@intellihandling, I don't know how Coin Value System works or Calculations behind it but let's hope that in the Comment Section will see some Knowledge Transfer comments.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

I don't know how it's calculated but you are sure to loose. After also looking with magicdice, I lost interest

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It seems they restart to give some profit, hope will keep on it

Hi mate, i've tried a few dices games so far. I was using a type of martingale, with a long term automated strategy. But let me tell you, it worked at the beginning then eventually you will get a very bad series and loose your bankroll (like 25 LOW in a row, when you bet high). So i don't think there is a real strategy system that can beat the dice house. In my opinion, it's just pure luck. is it provably fair ? Well i don't think so, imo it's rigged. If you get lucky, just withdraw your money. It's gambling just like slot machine. If you like to gamble i suggest you try and holdem poker because even if there is a part of luck, if you are a good player, you will be profitable in the long term. Just learn about the game, there are plenty of strategy books about hold em poker, and skillz + a good bankroll management and you can make good money. Upvoted your post btw :)

I agree this game is very different than @magicdice scam!

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i am sure this game had some safety system where made you loose when they decide it.

Well, absolutely not.

I was talking about magicdice, not you...;)

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