This virus is persecute me!


Dear friends

after my return from China, i had a lot of problem due to the block of China and my project has been holded till unknow term.

This is not enough, because now i am in Italy trying to find some more job and suddenly this Coronavirus break here too!!

In one day, 2 people died and 40 affected, a part of my region put in quarantine, what will be next?

If the situation will going worse, i need to run away from here, because my family is in Poland and if i cannot work what to do here?

What is the situation in your countries?

I feel something is wrong on the news, do you have some better source than TV and official newspapers?


So far in Venezuela has not reported any cases.
I seem to have heard that the first infected appeared in Brazil. As you know, Brazil and Venezuela are borderlands.

If this virus reaches my country, the number of infections and deaths can reach unsuspected levels.

In fact it could be a breeding ground for the entire continent since the sanitary conditions in Venezuela are extremely precarious.

Here the passengers get bacterial infections in the hospitals themselves.
In my country, diseases such as malaria and yellow fever are present with very high levels of infection.
In Venezuela people die due to lack of medication. In the absence of a simple antibiotic or an allergy, people are dying.

Imagine if that coronavirus enters Venezuelan territory. That would expand like wildfire without control. It would be really alarming.

Very difficult times ahead of us @intellihandling

This virus is going to crush world economy and will surely be very painful for many people out there. Italy has been hit very hard and I'm seriously worried that Italian economy will not be strong enough to handle this hit.

What is the situation in your countries?

In Poland people are still very unaware. noone even wears masks. I would say - it's still safe here. But how long? Week ago Italy was perfect place to go. Maybe in one week Poland will also be considered dangerous.


It is something incredible in one day Italy is the most infected western country!!

And is going worse and worse!


I am so sorry that you have to go through that but, everyone is doing whatever they can to contain the out break. I suggest taking better care of yourself- taking vitamin supplements, eating more fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and, ensuring that you sleep at least 6-8 hours every day. Stay safe!

Not yet detected in Ghana, but I think the virus had already spread before China spoke about it

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Indonesia is fine

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