What happens to Palnet airdrop?


Dear friends

my post is talking about the 3rd promised Palcoin airdrop as described in their post:


what they wrote was that on 25th february it was supposed the day of distribution, but after almost 5 days nothing yet arrived, someone got them?

Do you think is the problem is connected with recent soft fork or what else?


The PAL airdrop happened as promised, but the funds were sent Staked, which for some reason does not reflect in front end wallets. Your account received 85.495 PAL powered up to your account.

Edit: There was a problem with the decimal precision of the airdrop, and we're redoing the same list with the problems fixed.

Thank you, i saw it, but what about others? Fixed for everybody?

Thank you, i saw it,
But what about others? Fixed
For everybody?

                 - intellihandling

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I have the same issue, nothing comes

Finally i got my airdrop, what about you?

Finally i got my airdrop, what about you?

Hi @intellihandling

Do you actually care about PAL coin at all? I don't see any value in this project any more :(

Dear Piotr, this is not matter about the real value of the project, is a matter to do what they promised, so even shit project can do it, so this is the level of Steem Engine coins, a group of shit coins without any value and right, but you cannot write it because you will be flagged by steemit policeman....

Dear Piotr, finally i got my airdrop, what about you?