Whats wrong on @steem-bounty??

Dear friends

you know how i am sensitive about @steem-bounty, but now our witness @themarkymark is going to play something not nice.

As you can see from post image, he is downvoting several @steem-bounty comment without giving any reason.

First of all, @steem-bounty is a regular witness which is doing a service very important for Steemit community and there we have people who need important answers and ask to community to solve the doubts putting a bounty on it.

So in this way the post get more visibility and it is very nice to see the post with answer that can help to solve some troubles.

So dear @themarkmark, could you please let us know whats wrong with @steem-bounty?


@intellihandling you have a few topics in your post, but first off Steem-bounty did close down it's witness a while back.

Next the downvotes are due to the way Steem-Bounty's comments get so many votes from the same accounts over and over which with this whole "new steem" deal the whales have decided isn't something they want to allow. To be completely fair, there was plenty of actions taken against this type of voting patterns even before the new steem movement, but there just wasn't this level of voting power that could be used to attack it. With the free downvotes whales have a lot of power to go after actions they don't like now without costing them any money. At that downvoting increases their earnings (along with everyone else's) as those funds are returned to the reward pool.

Honestly with the amount of downvotes they have been getting which removes all value including both the author and curation side of those votes it would probably be better to just upvote the posts that purchase bounties and at least earn the curation.

First of all, @steem-bounty is a regular witness which is doing a service very important for Steemit community and there we have people who need important answers and ask to community to solve the doubts putting a bounty on it.


TIL: being a regular witness means you have a stale server 2 versions behind most other active witnesses.

How are those "black holes" doing?

Hi @enforcer48, if you need some technical answer about server version, you have to ask it to @knircky, which is steem-bounty owner.
Anyway i do not think there is something wrong on it, @steem-bounty is a very well working service, so if you do not need it just do not use it!


From my last check, I believe that their witness is running an old version or is outdated. Anyway, that’s a separate matter. I think Steem Bounty upvotes their comment so it appears at the top of comments for better visibility. I’m sure @themarkymark had a good reason for flagging.

Dear @contrabourdon, @steem-bounty comments are coming where a bounty is set, so there is no any spam on it, is normal procedure of the service, so i do not think @themarkymark need to punish them like this!

I fully agree with @intellihandling on this issue

I hope he will stop to downvote without meaning @steem-bounty!!

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@intellihandling, I don't know about the issue but let's hope that soon Downvotes will stop. Stay blessed.

Whales being whales. They got the money, they invent the rules we need to follow. Sadly, that is simply the way Steem works.

Then people wonder why Steem never reached its full potential. Well, this is the #1 reason. Many people have came here for the Freedom, they realised there was very little Freedom, so they left.

@trincowski's comments 😑😑😑

That is a sad reality. I do hope unnecessary DVs stop too. There's much divide in the blockchain as it is. 😐😐

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