Whitness means helpers or what else?

Dear friends

i have to say sorry to my friends of @steem-bounty if on my one week ago post i made them trouble and for the first time they got comment hidden due to low rating.

My post was heavily downvoted by the whales just because i said that some coins on steem-engine was a black-hole, but my post topic was not it but was the way of steem-engine to show coin market cap that in my opinion is total shit and i ask opinion from others people.

What i would like to understand now is what the witness are for us?

They are like a teacher that punish student when mistake to write?

They are police officers looking for wrong users into Steemit universe?

Really i never got a single upvote from all my witness except for @steem-bounty, which are really helping users to develop and me too.

And you want to know where is @steem-bounty witness?

Now is not even in top 100!!

Really something is wrong to me, could someone let me know which witness is doing something for real development of platform and help to grown small users?

It could be @project.hope but i cannot find them into witness list, so?


Hi @intellihandling

What i would like to understand now is what the witness are for us?
They are like a teacher that punish student when mistake to write?

Personally being a witness in current days doesn't seem to mean much. At least not that I would know. Surely those are powerful users and some of them are enforcing their own views on smaller users.

Sad, but true :(

It could be @project.hope but i cannot find them into witness list, so?

I simply do not see any reason to even be trying to become witness. What for? I'm not sure what could I gain (except of enemies).

Is @steem-bounty still in operation? I've send 5 steem yesterday to promote my post and then I discovered that ... nothing had happened.

Upvote on the way.
Yours, Piotr

Dear Piotr, thank you for your kindly answer, your opinion is always very important to me.
I agree with you those witness are doing their business here, not for sure for small users, so i agree again with you that doesn't matter this position with @project.hope target.
Anyway thank you to let me understand again how it work this social...:(((
Regarding @steem-bounty, you need to be sure when you set a bounty it is with steemit.com, because if you use some tribe or editors different than it, steem-bounty do not reconise your post. In the past i made same mistake so i am aware to do it again...:)))

Thank you for always being so responsive @intellihandling

ps. I've noticed that you're delegating some SP to tipu. Did you find it profitable? Or are you supporting their project with delegation because you like what they are trying to achieve?

Also I'm curios - how come you're receiving rewards from epicdice. I didn't see any delegation from you to their profile. How does it work?


Dear Piotr, regarding tipu profit i got around 1 steem per week with 750 sp from delegated sp and coins bought, regarding epicdice i got good return depending days, sometime the house win and i got some steems due to my EPC coins boungh...

I agree with you, witness is not a mission but is a business!!

Friend @intellihandling first I congratulate you for your two years in steemit. I turned them on December 29 my two years.
I give you time without realizing it.

With respect to Steembouty I met him in his beginnings thanks to an au friend also from Venezuela who was the one who made a lot of publicity after he stopped writing because of the constant problems of power cuts in the city where he lives. I think steembouyti is a good option and since I appeared I always use it to reward those who comment on my publication.

I don´t understand the way steem-engine calculates the market cap, however trading with low volume tokens is always a risky move.

About the witnesses, their function is to operate the nodes for the Steemit network and approve the hardforks. Some of them also have different Steemit projects. In my opinion, the witness system is better han proof of work mechanisms, but it is very far from the promise to make a democratic governance.

I think is not far but opposite than democratic governance, you see i got over 100 upvotes including top level users and was enough the downvote of witness and its builawhale and my post went to zero, so what democrazy is it???

Most token garbage in steem-engine. It doesn't make sense to invest in them for account development.

I'm not sure t be witnesses will be at the top if nobody knew them. Steem-engine is a good place to be and it was brought by the witnesses

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Now @steem-bounty witness is not even in the first top 100!!

The number of people using steem-bounty can’t be compared to those who use steem-engine or steembottracker

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Imagine that you are a witness on the top, your view will be totally different from your current perception.

I never got anything from witness, only a downvote, so what for i deserve only being downvoted and never upvoted from them?

I would not and do not spend any time trying to figure out what witnesses will help individual blogs on steem. They are busy making sure the steem blockchain runs at all and all but the top 5 are losing money doing it. Be grateful they are there and engage with steemers how are actively posting and commenting. Join the engagement league of @abh12345 to find those people.

I agree i do not ask to get help from them, but why they need to downvote my post and never upvote it?

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