Bounty: Looking for a longterm chart of Gold in Tradingview

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Most of the charts I am working with in trading view of gold are a bit short term, like GLD or XAUUSD.

What is the best way to look at 100 year long gold chart in tradingview


Why would you wanna look at the past 100 years?
FX_IDC:XAUUSD dates back to 1975. The past 45 years should be enough for an analysis.
We had a wave 2 low of 100$ Gold in August 1976 and from there it went to 1911$.
There are only two scenarios for Gold. It will soon break down (could hit 1800 before breaking down). Or: If there is no breakdown, you can anticipate Gold reaching 3k+ $. My estimation is a panic high of 16k$. Yes, you read that right... 16k in the next decade is the bull scenario.
If the world we know falls apart because of a worldwide pandemic 50k+ is possible.

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