Steep-Bounty is being attacked: So now it is free.

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Steem-bounty is being attacked.

Pretty much the revenue that is giving to us via upvotes is taken away via downvotes.

We have built projects with the purpose of being able to invest Steem into their own accounts and work and to boost their content. Interestingly projects that make their money via upvote selling disagree with these objectives.

Steem-Bounty is a project that is not making money and every month pays bills higher than what we make with the little upvotes we receive from our services.

This attack makes me very sad. Steem is very corrupt by design and this is an example of it.

That said, it's an amount that is negligible so I will just eat it for now and simply turn our fees off.

Congratz to the attackers. You have won.


This is not an attack, but rather a corrective measure against your comment based draining of the reward pool for your own profits.

To be fair the way you've set up your business could be viewed as a direct attack on the reward pool, as it brings next to no value to the community (the post spamming for profit) and because of this @themarkymark is deploying measures to ensure you do not continue to repeatedly pay yourself and profit off of next to no work.

You are not being attacked, but rather a witness is defending the reward pool from your attack on it. Perhaps it's time to think up a different business model as the current one you're deploying can easily be viewed as a negative one to the community as a whole.

What different business? @steem-bounty is a service over 2 years old and help people to get answers they need.
It is simple, if you need an answer you set a bounty, than you can upvote the best answer and this will got the bounty, but this is service between users and not using reward pool!

Giving people answers doesn't justify upvoting their own posts $3 on bounties that are like 5 cents. It's blatant post reward farming.

A change to the business model is needed 100%.

Pretty much the revenue that is giving to us via upvotes is taken away via downvotes.

You need a new business model. Reward pool should never be your major source of revenue.

It's impossible to stray from the "vote farming" realm when that happens.

There are always a manipulatants who's have nothing to left but take anything what it can collect!

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considering the time you yourself ran around flagging people for political disagreement, you may collect your TS chit at the chaplain's office

Steem bounty is awesome. Good luck and hopefully they back off eventually.

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Dear @knircky, i already made a post regarding this situation:
so is already over a month @themarkymark is attacking our beloved community!!
He answer me like this:
@themarkymark: Because people are setting 1-5 steem bounties and the comments are getting $2-3 in votes. Examples where a $0.12-$.30 bounty is set and the comments farm $3.
In my opinion this is a nonsense answer because bounties have nothing to do with Steemit rewards, so i answer him but it seems he do not understand and keep downvoting!
So instead to answer with no action i propose to remove @themarkymark from witness, i will do it and posting it!

Can’t stand when this type of stuff happens on STEEM!😕

Oh wow. Sad to hear. When I was posting regularly I found this bounty and thought it a wonderful idea. I hope he makes it back.

Who's attacking.?

No one is attacking them.. Their just whining about having corrective measures put in place to stop them from spamming comments and reward pool farming.. :P

Hi @knircky

I'm sorry to hear that you're being targeted my dear friend. It's such a shame - I've been myself using steem-bounty number of times in the past and I've learned to value this tool.

Would you mind sharing link to any comment/post where your "attackers" are sharing their reasons? I'm not sure if I can help, but I surely will try to mediate and find some peaceful solution.

Yours, Piotr

Ehm. I've read some of posts written by other users and I'm seriously confused here.

Dear Piotr, thank you to join us, @themarkymark is regulary downvoting every steem-bounty comment, he say about voting farm problem but we need to find a solution, we need @steem-bounty come back as before because bounties are help a lot our community...

Hi again @intellihandling

Thank you for your reply.

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

Dear Piotr, i did it with pleasure...:)))

Oh leck, was soll denn dieser Mist. Warum machen Leute so etwas? Ich finde es vollkommen okay, wenn es für eine Leistung eine entsprechenden Gegenleistung in Form einer angemessenen Gebühr gibt.
Das ist so lächerlich. Tut mir leid. Ich hab Steem-Bounty gerne genutzt und bin immer froh, wenn ich einen Teil vom Bounty bekomme.

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What that means? No more bounties available?

They won't be posting automated bounties and getting rewarded for it anymore..

However if they change their business model into something that the whole STEEM community doesn't have to pay for they can easily continue making bounties.. Just not at the expense of the reward pool like they had been doing previously.

Who you are to decide it?

Someone voted by a large amount of the community to keep an eye out for people abusing the reward pool for their own personal gains.. Among other things.