"Dance of the Sirens" - Flowing Underwater Art Film

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A beautiful and creative visual composition of models flowing aand dancing underwater captured by photographer Chris David with featuring music sourced and licenced from Artlist.io .

It is compiled from slomo videos taken across a number of underwater photography sessions from the past few years and edited into this hour long artistic film for some soothing underwater ambience to enjoy.

While the photographs were captured using a Canon 5DmIII in an Ikelite Housing the videos filmed here were taken on a small secondary camera – Olympus TG5 Tough using the 120fps Slowmotion video mode.


Sarah Vella, Courtney Lapka, Sarah Morris, Natasha Plug, Effie Llm, Alana Quartly, Amelia, Mei Yap, Kayla Piscopo


A Memory Remains – Narrow Skies
Shiori – Macaroom
Circle – Luminar
Flu Season – Skies Speak
Beyond Here – Salt Of The Sound
You Wont Find Me – Narrow Skies
Heavenly Space – Ben Potter
Where Were Going – Kevin Graham
The Coast – Stanley Gurvich
Island In The Sea – Katrina Stone
Deep Peace – Salt of the Sound
See Me Fly – Roza
Say Something – Noa Lembersky
Breathe New Life – Salt Of The Sound
Stand Down – Luminar
Fools Gold ft Jessie Villa – Mike Arnoult
Love and Darkness – Noa Bentor
Down In The Darkness – Jan Baars
Never Die – Noa Lembersky

Filmed using an Olympus TG5 Tough in slowmotion video mode. Edited and graded in Black Magics Davinci Resolve with licensed music via Artlist. https://artlist.io/Chris-18932

Underwater model shoots is a self funded personal creative art project I do for the sake of creating art and also challenging myself technically to improve as a photographer. Aside from being extremely challenging in all aspects its also one of the most expensive and high risk due to cost of equipment, chance of equipment damage that insurers will not cover, safety for myself and the model/team. Always great to get some feedback, support or help finding sponsors/clients so I can keep these personal projects alive.

Can also check my work out below
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chrisdavidphoto
website: http://www.chrisdavidphotography.com.au



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I have seen a lot of women flowing underwater for music videos, but it´s the first time I see them in the dark and it´s beautiful!

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