Amaze Creater Union 神奇创造者联盟

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ACU(Amaze Creater Union) will build a social media platform based on the latest blockchain technologies such as steem, tron and blockstack, promote and popularize the latest blockchain technologies and applications, as well as value-added financing service include Defi.


To Be Creater Not Copycat! Creater do make value while Copycat do steal value!

鼓励成为创作者,而不是模仿者! 创造者是为了创造价值,而模仿者却是窃取价值!

ACU, infinite pursuit, unlimited exploration, do please respect!


Amaze Creater Union Fund ( #acu #hive-150232

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Amaze Creater Union 神奇创造者联盟


  1. Amaze Creater Union 神奇创造者联盟

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Hello steemiam, that's a nice write up there just being a creator gives you that confidence and makes you original.
Thanks man.

cheers to evercreatin.. !!

I will put respect on your name -.. fir u -.. + 11.0119 MYTH -.. +1 Self-Realization Token -.. and my bad unfairly -.. -0.011 MYTH !! (ISMG☆)