Nature Photography Challenge | 12 Steem Prize Pool

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Nature is our life. There are thousands of plants, rivers, mountains, animals, etc. in this world. When we look around, we think how beautiful this world is and there are thousands of colorful pictures around us. This is how we can easily decorate our lives without oxides and if we want to make our lives more beautiful, we have to preserve our nature. To preserve nature, we have to take care of all aspects and we have to take care of nature And we must plant trees. Trees are man's best friend. When we can plant trees, our nature will continue to grow day by day, and if we cut down trees day by day, our world will be ruined day by day and we will die.

Rules & Regulations :

• Topic - Nature Photography.

• You Need To Make Your Post In @open-theworld community.

• You have to added your post link in the comment.

• Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism.

• Only 3 pictures need to be shared.

• Invite minimum 4 of your steemit friends in your post.

• Resteem This Post.

• Share your entry in twitter & share screenshot comment below.(optional)

Prize :

Rank Prize
1st place 5 Steem
2nd place 3 Steem
3rd place 2 Steem
4th place 1 steem
5th place 1 steem

Deadline :

The last time this contest is on July 27 at 8 pm Bangladesh time.

Cc: @steemcurator01

Thank you


I am really happy for saw another latest nature photography contest. I hope everyone should part of this contest.
Stay safe for covid -19

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Greetings @open-theworld and @rupok, here's my Entry for the challenge, and the twitter share image. Hope you like it.


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Entry no 1

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Entry no 8

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Entry no 2

Wow another good one 😹

Thanks for arranging another giveaway

I love to nature

Hi sir I love your contest

I am also ready to perticiapate

I appreciate it😌

Thanks for arranging it

I appreciate your great work

I am ready to perticiapate 🎉

Great post,i will participate this contest 💪💪

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I am so excited.

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Entry no 4

Another great Contest 🙂👌


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Dear @steemcurator01 sir please support my community as much as possible!
(Sorry for mentioning)

Thanks for arrange another contest 😊

I will definitely perticiapate sir

Saludos, Esta es mi entrada para el desafio.


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Please give the entry link then I will approve.

Thank you

Saludos, ya edite mi post, muchas gracias

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Entry no 13

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Entry no 14

@open-theworld please my entry

Please my Facebook link please my country band Twitter that is why I shared my post on Facebook.



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Entry no 15