A Day of Tedious Organization!

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Earlier today I finally took the time to find and gather all the loose notes I have been scribbling ideas for posts on for the past year or so.

Then I sat down in front of the computer and transcribed all those scribbles into a single text file. Well, I didn't actually type all that stuff, I was also experimenting with the "you talk, it types" feature (aka "Voice Recognition") on my desktop computer.


Now it's all transcribed from those little loose pieces of paper into a single file that has almost 10,000 words and 20 pages!

Now, whether I end up turning all of this into posts of course remains to be seen!

The upside to doing all this, is that I discovered that the voice recognition software has gotten a lot better since the last time I played around with it. The accuracy rate must be up around 95% where before it was probably no more than 75%.

That was a somewhat important discovery for me, because I'm seriously considering writing a book. "Writing a book" is not really a new idea for me, it's more a question of sitting down and finally doing something with notes and outlines I've been accumulating for better than 15 years.


I tend to be quite good at writing short things like blog posts and articles, but the idea of sitting down and actually writing a book length manuscript has always frightened me somewhat.

The "problem" (as I see it) is that I tend to have a fairly short span of attention and mediocre organizational skills, so trying to keep track of what I've already said — or not said — for 80,000 words feels little overwhelming. Or maybe it just feels daunting because I've never tried it before.

Funny how that goes isn't it? We tend to dismiss things as "difficult" simply because we haven't tried them before and once we try them we discover they're not really all that difficult.


Anyway it felt like I took a step forward today! And that's more than I can say in terms of creative writing, for quite a while.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're all having a great weekend!

As always, comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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Hey how's it going
What would your book be about?

Hey there @kiwiscanfly! The book would be in the self-development/self-improvement/psychology field, and mostly center on practical approaches to living with Sensory-Processing Sensitivity.

I know that's a mouthful, but short version: Self-help.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks for the support @scilwa, I appreciate it!

Well, I didn't actually type all that stuff, I was also experimenting with the "you talk, it types" feature (aka "Voice Recognition") on my desktop computer.

I really believe some one should code something like: "you think, it types" software or App which I reckon would be an instant success and big best seller.

Because I've found that I never could be more eloquent, coherent, logical and fluid with what I wanna express and communicate than when my silent speech is still fluttering around inside my mind and way before these thoughts and ideas have to be forced to contain also some added sound bits to them through speech.

So, just imagine how much more of the "original" sense and meaning of what I really wanted to express and communicate has been lost in the 'translation' process if I also would have to type and write it so that it finally reaches its wider audience and objective recipients. :)

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