Funny How Time Slips Away...

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It has been 18 days since my last post...

Funny, how that comes out sounding like a confession. It's still strange, though... as it has been at least a couple of years since I last "took a break" from blogging, for this long.


Sure, we had a death in the family. And sure, I took on the editing job of a friend's book... and she turned out to be in somewhat of a "hurry," meaning that I had to spend most of my time working on her manuscript rather than doing the daily things I normally do, on a daily basis.

Of course, then our daughter had her 29th birthday... and I had my 60th birthday. And before you know it, it has become September 2nd!

As John Lennon once observed: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."


The break was actually a good thing, all in all. It was certainly good for my overall mental health, and I'm hoping it will also have been good for my creative side.

Editing someone else's work is always an interesting experience, in the sense that it makes me want to write something of my own again. I read people's manuscripts, and — even when they are quite good — I inevitably end up with the feeling of "I could have done better than that, myself!"

Of course, the difference between myself and those who have written books is that they actually sat down and did the work, while I mostly just talked about doing the work.

In the end, I tend to be better at "short pieces" like I create for this blog.


Anyway, now it has gotten to be September... and with shorter days just around the corner meaning less time to spend outside, I'd like to think I can get back to some sort of writing routine.

As always, comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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Those pics are fantastic. When I see stuff like that I feel like I need to get a better camera, just to have something to do. Is yours really expensive?

Thank you @gooddream, appreciate the kind words!

My camera is about 8 years old now; it's a FUJI FinePix HS20, which was pretty fancy and high end in 2012 — I think I paid about $700 for it... however, thanks to the quick advances in technology, it's pretty out-of-date by now, compared to current cameras. You can picked up reconditioned used ones (or equivalent) on eBay for $120-150.

I just find that it does everything I need, including good zoom and macro capabilities, and I will probably keep using it till it stops working and no longer can be repaired.

Having a good camera is fun, as "something to do" and it has taught me to look more closely at the world around me.

i'm glad to hear that they are that inexpensive because I am unlikely to spend $700 on just about anything. Thanks for the tip!

Hi @denmarkguy, I already started to think what happened to you but now it is clear. I am sorry to hear about the lost in your family and my sympathies. It is always some impact when we lose someone close, we start to think about the life and how strange it is.

I am glad to hear that there were two good events too, your daughter's birthday and your own, especially this must be anniversary! My belated Congratulation and hope you have had good time among your family members.

Editing someones writing that must be also an interesting experience, I hope you will find time and maybe also write something. Your posts are very enjoyable to read.

I am wishing you nice weekend and till next time...

Thank you @stef1 for the kind words!

It was just a very "eventful" couple of weeks for us, with many days where you just get to evening and have no interest in doing anything other than simply sit down and perhaps read a book.

Editing is quite an interesting job... and I have learned a lot about language and my own writing, as a result. It is also a good lesson in "suspending your beliefs" because you don't get to act on editing a book that covers topics you disagree with. You just have to do the work and move forward, which is a really good learning experience because we so often have a tendency to "tune out" opinions we do not agree with.

Thanks for stopping by!

Looking forward to seeing more of your "short pieces". You got a gift in writing.

Thanks for the kind words @arnel, just need to make the time for it!

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Thanks for the the support, I appreciate it!

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