Like a Town Where Nobody Knows You — a Ulog, of Sorts (No. 55)

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Another day gone; tomorrow it will officially be Fall.

2020 has certainly been a strange year, so far! It just seems like so many things have changed... I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with it all.


The little number up by my profile picture says I have made 15,837 posts here in Steemlandia. That's a lot of writing, and a lot of interacting, if you think about it.

It has definitely been an interesting ride... and I suppose it continues to be.

As I sit here, typing into the box like I have done thousands of times before, it feels like I recognize my surroundings less and less. Like living in a town for most of your life and one day waking up to realize that all the people you used to know and see on the streets are either dead or have moved away.


The feeling reminds me a bit of my arrival in Austin, Texas in 1981. I came from Europe to attend University there... and it was a University of 51,000 people, and I felt like I knew I was in the right place and yet I felt strangely detached and anonymous.

I looked back over some of my 1250+ top level posts and was reminded of how lively comments and 15-20 people interacting with a post was not unusual.

These days? It seems like I have 2-3 people who stop by and say hello, every now and then.

It makes me sad, in a way. Not sad because things have changed, because that's simply the way of life... things change.


But sad because... at one time, Steem was filled with a lot of hope and potential, and now the mood here feels a lot more quiet; a lot more subdued. It's like people are still here, but they are not particularly excited or fired up about anything.

I guess part of my "shortcoming" in this is that I am just a writer; a blogger... not much of a blockchainiac or cryptocurrency geek. I dunno...

I suppose I will keep plugging on... and feel happy when one of my three readers stops by to say hi!

Well, signing off for tonight! Hope you are having a good start to your week, wherever you are!

How about YOU? Are you an "OldSteemian" who's feeling a bit displaced? Am I missing something? As always, comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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„Hi“... ;-)

I have similar thoughts as you. Steemit has become much faster, even more superficial. Not only since the split, which limits a somewhat longer attention for the individual blog for many even more.
Perhaps the profit motive has long since replaced social interaction? Not only on the Internet?
By the way, I still receive many comments. Once I have voted them over the payout limit, the conversation is usually over, which confirms my theory...
Well, however - have a nice day!
Best regards,

Thanks for stopping by @chriddi!

Sadly, it seems that you are right... the profit motive has overtaken the social aspects. I see what now goes on the "trending" feed and it all looks like a big "money harvesting" project, not a social content platform.

I think I may try a more active experiment of just commenting on lots people's posts, simply to see if anyone responds. The whole idea of a post with 300 upvotes, $30 rewards and NO comments seems a little "off" to me.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time!

I think I may try a more active experiment of just commenting on lots people's posts, simply to see if anyone responds.

Very good idea! Afterwards you will have enough material for a new article, because you can publish an empirical study... ;-)

I do enjoy commenting and curating, but then I realize that I don't have the time to write articles myself. Looking for interesting articles on other blockchains doesn't fit into my spare time window anymore.
From this I conclude that those who are busy producing daily coin-grap-posts on three chains have no time for social interaction.

Nevertheless, good luck with your experiment and hopefully have fun with everything you do here!

Yes I have fewer readers too. I think part of the problem is being active on both hive and steem, I now do a lot more just upvoting because I don't have time for comments too. Then there's the big push to post on twitter too. It's taking too much of our time, to post and hit all the markers. No time to really read and comment.

I have to admit that in the "old days" I often could only manage to post comments as replies to the activity on my own posts... answering all worthy remarks in a 50-comment thread takes a lot of time!

I post here, on Hive and now also on Blurt... and all my posts are unique to each site... that's just my personal value system. And yes, it takes a LOT of time; thankfully, writing is my favorite activity!

I have no idea how you do that. Try using the tag #steemexclusive on your posts here. They give generous upvotes

Thanks for the #steemexclusive tip! It's one of "those" tags I forget to use...

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