Sunday Musings: Social Media and What People ENGAGE With

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Whereas I'll be the first to admit that there are different reasons why people us social media, in most cases the reason we choose to share "this-and-that" with the world is that we are trying to engage with people — be that our family, our friends, strangers who not yet friends, customers for our business, or something along those lines.


Engagement Matters!

So, if we're pretty aware of this, it follows that we should also be pretty aware of sharing things that are interesting enough that people want to engage with them.

It's not great rarity for someone late comer to social media to ask why people aren't engaging with their content... and it might be a hard lesson for many to know that the honest answer is "because what you're posting is mindnumbingly boring!"


Which brings another angle into play here:

Most people aren't on social media just arbitrarily consume content! And yet? Many people who post on social media do so in a manner that suggests they actually have no idea about that...

Seem far fetched?

Not really.

By all means post 47 recipes every day, but then make the effort to find some foodie and cooking group to share to!



I have been spending a little more time on Facebook than usual, because our daughter and her fiancee recently bought a house and are remodeling, which means they are sharing lots of photos of the process with family and friends.

And so — as an experiment, even though I am pretty committed to doing my social media via blockchain communities such as this one — I have been posting a bit more of my own content on Facebook.

In many ways, Facebook is the lowest common denominator in social media. And I have been reminded of this!

If you post something somewhat thoughtful to Facebook and expect people to engage with it, you are pretty much out of luck. On the other hand, the very cliché'd photo I posted last night of Mt. Rainier in the late evening sun got 50+ "thumbs up" in a few hours, even though I am really not much of an active presence there, anymore.


However, the "lesson" is still there... we ultimately need to share things that match the audience we are talking to!

It's one of the reasons I prefer venues like this — it's generally a more respectful and engaged audience! I just hope people start commenting and looking at each other's posts more, like they did in the past.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a good weekend!

How about YOU? Do you post to a particular audience? Or do you "just post?" How is the engagement level on your social media posts — and not just here? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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