The Diary Game — 11 Aug 2020 — All Journeys Begin With the First Step

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August 11th has long been a sort of "remembrance day" for me.

In our family, August was always considered "The Birthday Month" because of the sheer number of birthdays in that month (including my own), and right in the middle of that was my auntie on the 11th.

She holds a special place in my heart and soul because she helped raise me, and was always around when my parents were "too busy" to deal with me, or they were traveling — which was a lot of the time.

She gave me a more solid foundation for life... and I will always be grateful for that.


One Day Becomes Like Any Other

It was yet another "stay-at-home" day. With our lockdowns and social distancing requirements still in place, we avoid going out, as much as possible.

Since both Mrs. Denmarkguy and I work from home, we don't have to leave the house, pretty much ever. Well, except to get groceries and such.

Even so, life seems to have become smaller, since the Coronavirus came along.

Actual work is becoming scarcer and scarcer, as more people feel anxious about their own financial situations. As a book editor, I get fewer and fewer gigs, and my online stores on eBay (and elsewhere) get fewer and fewer sales... I suppose because I don't sell "essentials."

My wife's counseling practice is also slowing, and the clients that do come along are all fishing for reduced rates.


A REAL People Visit!

The highlight of the day was actually having "real people" over for afternoon coffee...

Some good friends of ours who live about 45 minutes from here were in town for a doctor's visit and so they asked if they could come by while they were in town.

It was nice to see people at the house... it has been several months since we last had visitors, other than our own (adult) kids.

These are very strange times in which we live!


A First Step... Diary Post 1

Although I am not usually given to structured writing, I have decided to hive this "Dairy Game" initiative a try, mostly in the hopes of seeing whether it's possible to get a little more engagement going, again.

Time will tell!

As always, comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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Many business people have a hard time due to the coronavirus. As a book editor, I am sorry that their sales are falling, but I hope that the whole world will overcome the coronavirus epidemic soon. How much did your income from book sales decrease monthly? #onepercent #turkey #tr

I suppose we all hope this will all end sooner, rather than later @alikoc07. In general, my sales/work offers are reduced by 30-40% since March. It's not easy... but wee make it.

I have to wonder what the world will look like without a majority of people working all the time. I don't think we're going back to the old normal. And it's not a bad thing, but what replaced it? No clue.

That's a good question @cliffagreen, and I also find myself wondering whether the majority of people are needed to work all the time, with the proliferation of automation and AI. A lot of the people who are now unemployed are in menial low wage jobs that less and less need people... so where will they go? Seems like some sort of "basic income" may become a necessity in the next 50 years.

I think the next 5 for basic income. Though I'm not sure governments will be around to pay it.

Governments may not pay it; it seems more likely that might be some kind of "Technology fund" companies that automate pay into in place of the unemployment/social security taxes they don't have to pay robots... and that serves as the basis for basic income...

Sorry I almost missed this post, just because of traveling back and just arrived the day before.

I can imagine how it does feel when few dear people have their birthday the same month. it sounds that your auntie was wonderful woman and left such warm memories.

Like in your family, my sister and her husband both have their birthday on 17th of August so on Monday, I should not forget to give her a phone call.

The situation with Corona has changed the lives of many people, restrictions to visit people, gatherings, working from home and now it looks like the number of cases slowly going up and the countries in Europe announcing lock down once again.

I hope at least by Christmas time it will be a bit better, it will be bad not to be able to have usual family gatherings.

It is good that while capturing your daily routine you write it as a Diary, the way you are writing is so enjoyable to read I hope more people will be able to read your posts too :)

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