Faith is not just a name for believing or worshiping the merciful God.

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Faith is not just a name for believing or worshiping the merciful God.

Non-Muslims like them believe in Allah, worship Him, believe in the Hereafter, sin, virtue, justice and injustice, but do not believe in the message of Allah, even if they accept any Prophet like them separately Do not believe


There is no relationship of Tauhid without faith and acceptance in the message, the message is the main address and center of receiving the divine and the main light and mercy.

Iblis was expelled and cursed for not accepting the Prophethood. If the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) disregards the Prophethood and becomes detached, he becomes detached from the Oneness of Allaah. Only if it is connected to Resala, it is related to Ilahiya, otherwise it is not.


Resalat is the place of revelation of Allah's light, asma, sifat and revelation, which is the denial of indirect Tauhid. Guidance, mercy, knowledge, salvation have all come through the message and will continue to flow forever.

Putting the great message above all other relationships in life is the soul of faith and the highest love for Tauhid. Faith is the most important thing in the soul and life, the true identity of life.


Faith is not just an outward acknowledgment or utterance of the message of Tawheed, but the acceptance of the soul, the life of Allah and His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), the liberation from the path of philosophy contrary to the message of Tawheed.

The mere utterance of kalema is a self-contradictory position without being free from the opposite position of self-identity and life consciousness based on holy kalema.

In the holy word of faith, we do not swear by the apostolic-centered Tawheed-based self-consciousness and life-consciousness, we are included and freed from the opposite.

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Amran Hossain Patwary

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