You Can Never Do The Same Thing The Same Way And Expect A Different Result

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This life is very simply and self explanatory. Just imagine you don't sow and you expect to reap, who does that? The best investment in this world is to invest in yourself.

For the past one week now, steem has depreciated drastically but that should not be your worries because it will definitely bounce back. ElonGreen is introduced to us for us to have varieties of income because right now, things are really costly and only one source of income can really frustrate one's life.

Remember this song, first it was fragrance and turn into fire, something must be put in place before the upliftment comes. Steemit is a social network platform that gives room for creativity and displacement of talent, so bring the table to the table first and you can not tell who will be the buyer.

From January till December, no post to show for, days gone be, you are not active or explore the various communities, how do you expect the blessings to come to you when you don't have a different mind set to things. Life is not bed of roses but you can make rose out of it with perseverance and hardwork. This is not time to sleep neither slumber but time for us to ruthless knowing fully well that we can never expect different result when we are still dealing with the same approach. Most time I don't drop post for upvote but I believe my post can be beneficially to someone out there and when the right time comes, an upvote will not be a barrier to my upliftment because I am here to share and have fun.


start success go! go! go!

We will continue to give them the vibes until kingdom come

Nice write-up and most times I write to inspire and not for the upvote.

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