A sense of distance

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Natural energy sends powerful sighs, art has become a prestigious science of choice and decision. We repeat great things together with mistakes from the past, the relationship between morality and interest is unfair in the world of fog and illusion.


The fashion and prestigious level of success, fame and ego knowledge achieve excellent results in times of crisis of mentality. Moral codes, pure love and the magnificent desire for justice make new paths of spiritual growth and peaceful life.

Thought and dreams, ideas and desires are confused with ambitions and visions. Something we miss at any moment, happiness is the choice we make at every place and every moment of our life. We choose the direction of the winner and again never goes perfectly on the way to the top.

We follow the principles of heart and logic, we are sometimes confused with the results, but it is a sign that we are learning new lessons of life. Each movement is written on a cosmic atomic table, we are a sand with a soul that is part of the creator.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Free Image Source: Pixabay.com


That misty world offers many sweet and bitter sensations. We are lost by the passions that lead us into darkness. People who often come to help now leave us as they cradle the bitter sweetness of this illusory world. Attitudes condescending and condescending to one another now enveloped us. Only those who are protected by the green of nature still have pure souls for each other ...

Good poetry by @dobartim, my imagination will also fill in your post comments after reading it .... hehehe

Best regards @grisaia-steem

Life is sweet

I agree with you

By doing it together and supporting each other, we will get to the top faster. Greetings always, leader 😊

See you on the top

so sweet


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