Changes in memories

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I recognized your face in the shadows of clouds that give messages of love discoveries, you are the essence of life energy and the basis of future victories. žThe beauty and perfection of material happiness pass through the sand of an illusion that leads us to the wrong path, moral ideals represent the pillars on which honour relations are built.


We sit as rulers of life while the time writes the weaknesses of our passions and desires, the wind of change with the ideas of superior projects passes peacefully. The information must circle in mind while listening to ether votes, watching the future in the beautiful scenery of emotional imagination.

We seek signs in the traces of joyful messages that are hidden in the heart of intuition, we skip the various motives with the belief that your grace will touch our soul. You are an eternal source of happiness and love that gives us the power to engage in the enthusiasm of the spirit, we are followers of changes with moral progress.

Sources of love never dry up because they come from the infinite universe, each thought has a special vibration that connects us with the other side of reality. Get out of your shadow and show your unique talents, you are able to make mystical changes.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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