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It is normal for Steem price to vary, it is tied to Bitcoin, if we change the approach a bit then its value can be independent of BTC. The price depends on supply and demand, if we manage to bring new users who will invest in Steem then its value will grow, if we bring millions of new users to Steem who will withdraw money then the Steem price will fall. The point is whether communities can strike a balance with education, stimulation of new users, with support and proper strategies, if we succeed then we will reach the stars. What can we buy with Steem, which famous stars use Steem, which company is interested in Steem? We can bring 100,000,000 users to write posts and make money, the point is that when the Steem value is not interesting, no one wants to write and be active! Imagine that every community promotes Steem with T-shirts, hats, drawings, everyone has a smile on their face, everything is great if the Steem value grows, and if everyone makes money, but if the price drops then the enthusiasm will be lost. To look at it a little differently, if you had invested $ 100,000 and acquired 100,000 Steem, you see that the number of users is expanding, that most are withdrawing money, that people with a reputation over 70 have 100 sp, how would you feel? We would feel like fools, I'm sure we would wait for the first price increase and get out of the story, that's not the essence we want to achieve. My opinion is that we all need to understand what Steem Blockchain business logic is, what a social network is, and how our community and Steem value can grow together. It would be great to introduce statistics by communities, to see exactly in which community the SP is growing and which SP is falling, then we would have a clear picture of who is working in the right way. Also if we put next to the username statistics for the person so we can see who is investing in the SP, who is reinvesting in the SP and who is getting Steem out of the account. Maybe it's great if @steemchiller can do it at, also on Steemit it would be a complete hit because everyone would like to get votes, they wouldn't take money so easily.


The positive side is that without users there is no business or social network. Every community leader should strengthen his team, to support those who have the real potential to become leaders, we should certainly not allow ourselves not to help someone who does not have enough money for food or basic necessities. The point is that even poor users learn how to do business, because if they always spend everything, then they will never achieve great success. That’s why it’s important that Steem promotion doesn’t go that way, make a blog and make money, I’d rather write connect with the blogging business community and gain the trust of blockchain influencers. Exchange of ideas and good communication is a crucial factor in the evolution of the whole system, we lack the next step that will lay the foundations for investing in Steem, then we can determine the value of Steem with our strategies.

We know that the Steemit team has helped many, that communities have become attractive because of the support of @steemcurator01 and other steemcurators, it is time for us to rely more on our own strengths. Imagine if every user in the community would invest in 50 Steem, communities with 5,000 users would have 250,000 SP, which is the engine that drives things. I talked today with a friend who deals with art, to put all artists from Macedonia on Steemit, to make a good promotion and for all artists to invest in Steem. The point is that we can all figure out what benefits we have when Steem value grows, because if Steem is $ 10, then you can imagine what a difference it will make for all of us!

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Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

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It seems we have the same idea and thought at the same time. That only says that we have a lot in common.

Every time when I see that many small accounts receive great support from @steemcurator01 that nobody with such SP dreamed in the past, they could build up their SP so quickly and help with Upvotes other accounts to grow. Instead the people withdrawing their SP and trying to keep it still so that nobody from outside would join and dilute the number of curation rewards.

Sometimes people think only about their own benefit, they see only now but do not think about the big picture.

That makes me frustrated and actually I lost my interest in trying to keep the Steeming and blogging. I am perhaps a bit tired and not much enthusiastic as before.

We will see. Thank you for this shout out!

 5 months ago (edited)

I think it is unnatural for small users who have not invested anything to get a lot, especially those who do not raise their voting power.
You should not lose enthusiasm, I believe that everything will fall into place, because the Steemit team is flexible and they know how to listen to every user, every idea, this is their interest, as well as from @justinsunsteemit.

Totally agree...

We would really like to see people build up their Steempower, and we are trying to find ways to encourage that.

All suggestions welcome.

@steemcurator01 Thank you very much for your great and awesome support.

I believe that you give your maximum. I am glad to understand your desire, work, and selfless support. We need to find a balance between everything, I certainly gave some suggestions, because when we see that someone works and has a higher reputation and does not have a SP, then they will not receive a reward unless they need support for food and life. Responsibility must be shifted to users and community leaders. You should be the main judge who awards the prizes, you certainly do a great job, now we have to adjust things a little more and it will be great for the whole Steem and all users.

So far I have limited myself to read with joy the articles of the good friend @dorbatim enjoying his daily support and great advice for the good of the community and I say so far because I read that you had written "suggestions accepted". I hope this my suggestion does not get me in trouble with anyone but I see a problem that no one else seems to notice. To that effect I want to raise two important points:

1.- STEEM As far as I know is brain test, not investment test.
2.- Investment/reinvestment is necessary to ensure solid growth.

The problem:

There are ill-intentioned investors who have a considerable amount of SP both to generate daily articles worth more than 2k steem (no matter what they publish as they get their income from their own SP delegated to some bot), These profits are withdrawn from the platform almost instantly generating selling pressure and hindering the rise of STEEM's value.

I question: If that seems normal to us when other articles of high quality do not reach 10 STEEMs then we admit that it is more important the investment than the content (even if the investor becomes a great potential seller) and if that is the case please ignore my message.

But if we all see it as a problem then I bring a possible solution:

Limit the amount of rewards an article and user can have on a daily basis (to a modest value), this is something that immediately affects all large SP holders, but if we consider that the limit will be based on STEEM and not $ we all really anchor ourselves to STEEM and fight for the price increase, then the maximum profit in $ would increase if the STEEM price increases, the abuses committed by the big SP holders would decrease, we would also limit the amount leaving the platform which would contribute to the price increase in favor of all.

Investment is good when the investor is not loaded with bad intentions, but if this is the case, what are we doing to protect ourselves?

Maybe I'm saying crazy things but the fact that you said "ALL suggestions are welcome" has encouraged me to bring this idea to you.

 5 months ago (edited)

Thank you for your comment and ideas.
I made a post about it, he will be released in the morning.

Brain test depends on the investor in the purchase - Steem value depends on it!
Because of these investors delegating their SP, Steem value is growing. They invest and reinvest, specifically the Koreans in the first place, we should be grateful that they raised the value of Steem.

In capitalism, it is normal for investors to earn the most, they invest the most and they have the greatest risk. What if the price of Steem drops to 1 cent!

The problem is that people who have not invested in Steem do not have a sense of what a loss is, they easily get money and spend it easily because they have not invested anything in essence, while investors value their money and earnings very much.

If we limit the rewards, then we can lose investors, and Steem value depends on them !. Nothing means 100,000,000 users to us if none of them invests money. How much would Steem be worth then if there was no money in circulation?

No one wants to sell Steem when the value grows, that’s why investors have given their money.
If there are such, then it is a very small number of users. The point is to find a balance, to keep the money flowing, to keep the value growing, and not to work on the masses - we are not Facebook and we do not sell advertisements !. The point is that here we have the basic logic of business, supply and demand.

And I sometimes feel bad when I see a selfie or a text of several lines that has 1000 sbd, but I know that it is much better than not having investors, because then now none of us would be here on the platform.

I clearly understand your point of view, regarding that the STEEM system is perfect because it allows investors to get a 50% profit as curators, so if they invested so much to give a reward of 2000USD for votes they will receive a profit close to 1000USD, that way they reward others and they are rewarded (everyone wins) and the platform develops in a healthy way, any investment in cryptocurrencies is a risk. The price can drop to 1 Cent or it can rise to 100USD, I see no difference between autovoting and delegating to a bot all your SP so that your very low quality items are rewarded in a big way. Investors can profit without harming the platform because the system is designed for that, limiting item rewards is something that has vaguely occurred to me but alternatives should be sought. I am not against delegating some SP to get rewards but if you delegate everything then what is your commitment to the content creators...and the price you raised yesterday with your investment you will bring down tomorrow with your sales, what is the point then?

I am not against investors, I am against abuse and bad intentions that damage the platform.

I hope that many investors will come and discover how beneficial STEEM is to their business but in a healthy way. Whoever promotes nothing and supports nothing but himself how can he say he is part of a community?. What was the intention of your investment?

But it is a delicate subject that I prefer not to touch any further, I'm just a little fish in a huge sea.

I look forward to reading your article tomorrow!

You are a big mistake, if they just vote they don't earn 50%, they only earn Steem who goes to Steem Power and Tron, when they make posts they earn as much SBD and he is 8 times more valuable than Steem. So they earn 8 times more as authors than as curators!

You are quite right about that in the fact that I had not considered that factor.

But I never said don't publish, you can do it with effort and quality articles that other users can value and support, even in terms of using your SP you could delegate a part to a bot that rewards you.

The problem is when you delegate everything, you send a clear message saying you don't care about anyone else here. The trend is the front page of STEEM, if we fill it with content poor articles full of big rewards what image are we showing to others...what is the first thing a potential investor sees when they come to the platform? The trend, then go check it out and tell me if you think we are very attractive.

I thought you didn't support people who only think about themselves.

Imagine TESLA makes such a big investment that he raises the price of STEEM to 10USD, but being already on the platform he doesn't promote his products, he doesn't care about the users but daily writes an article without effort because he knows that with how much he bought he can reward himself and he starts to take daily 20k STEEM out of the platform.

As the price is now high a new investor cannot buy as much with the same amount as he does now. The selling pressure increases and the price starts to fall gradually.

We must decide how STEEM represents a business for investors. Whether it is a cow we have come to milk or a community in which we have come to promote our products as investors.

What makes the platform attractive is the creation of high quality content rewarded by those who give value to that content.

If you agree with what they do then I respect your opinion as you respect mine, I just wanted to leave a comment because @steemcurator01 asked for suggestions and it seems to me that this user is doing a great job in the community.

But I know that further digging into the subject may even bring me problems because I am touching the interests of powerful people. So for now I already gave the opinion I wanted to give and I prefer to close the topic until one day I bring as much investment as them and I can demonstrate with facts that things can be done differently. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being read and answered by you, a person I admire.

 5 months ago (edited)

In the time of small Steem value, everyone escape? Why? Because of money, earnings, not because of quality content! Money bring attention not quality post. Maybe for 5-10% users, but in the end everything depends from money! Milking = selling Steem, not earning Steem.

Criminals and drug traffickers make a lot of money! But that does not mean that one should abandon the honest and dignified way of earning money to earn more by harming others. There are many ways to make money here, good and bad.

The bad ones give more reward with less sacrifice but damage the platform.

If we kill the goose that lays the golden eggs there will be no more eggs.

Money is extremely important and attractive but we must procure it in a healthy way, without harming the source that supplies it and without harming others.

Milking = selling Steem, not earning Steem.

Check what users who have daily items valued at more than 200SBD (x8, +1600STEEMS) are doing with their rewards.

I also want my steem power to continue to improve, but rarely get support from the steemit team. But I still have the spirit to fight, hopefully I will also receive attention from @steemcurator01, so that I can help other friends and be independent

Unfortunately, few users who have started investing understand the responsibility of what a Steem blockchain means, why it grows and how it grows. Should all users invest at least $ 10 out of their own pocket and buy Steem, they would have a different feeling because they would take care of their money.

Hello sir @dobartim I am interested in buying Steem. How will I do that sir? I want also to increase my steem power to be able also to help others whenever they post and I could support them with my upvote. Please guide me sir. Thanks and best regards. Sir @steemcurator01 please also guide me how to improve and increase my steem and steem power so my upvote will matter whenever I vote for others. Thank you so much sirs.

Welcome to Steem Schools discord channel. You can by Steem od,

We really agree with what Mr. @dobartim said.
So I really look forward to you @steemcurator01 to support the people doing the Power Up.

 5 months ago (edited)

Hi, @steemcurator01

I think we can do it to adopt following suggestions:

  1. The steemit team should announce the prize for SP increasing and from 100 to 500 and 500 to 1000 and so on.

  2. All the community admins should not allowed to power down till 10000 Sp. If they do..... . . or
    All admins must delegate SP to the steemit team given account so that they may not able to power down.

  3. All admins must announce to their members not to power down.

  4. Monthly contest must be held among communities for having maximum SP in their own and users accounts and the first three winners should be announced and they must be given big prizes.

  5. We can fix some days in every month of the year to increase the SP and not a single penny including SBD should be drawn from any account of every community.

  6. The steemit team can announce that some fixed days in every month only 100% power up posts should be rewarded in all communities.

If you like any of my suggestion, let me know.


Hi Dr @dobartim I totally agree with you on this

We know that the Steemit team has helped many, that communities have become attractive because of the support of steemcurator01 and other steemcurators, it is time for us to rely more on our own strengths. Imagine if every user in the community would invest in 50 Steem, communities with 5,000 users would have 250,000 SP, which is the engine that drives things.

This is why I have introduce the 30% payout reward to community curation account to any members that posting into our community that currently under booming support account. This is so we can grow this community account to the point we can be self sustained community on Steemit. We don't want to just be active when there is support from curation account like steemcurators/booming then cash out everything without thinking of supporting and growing our own curation account here. It is like always depending on the government hands out the whole life without an effort to build something to be self sustainable.

Thank you for your sharing.

Great strategy, but maybe this is not the best solution. Depends of personal responsibility and global strategy.

I know not very best one as not everyone can afford to buy steem off the exchange, but I hope someday they can afford to do this as a payback to steem community that have helped them having better life on steemit.

Awesome job

Oh yes that is our hope that one day I will pay back I will invest in this platform that has helped us so much!

Yes, this is what it is all about. Some new users like me spend their time in steemit withdrawing all the sbd they make and they don't actually understand that they would receive more money if they save their steems and increase their steem power.

Even so, they would help others users to grow up too, it's a cycle.

I believe in steemit!

Welcome to Steemit

Impressive Sir.
This is a the greatest article I have ever come across since my stay on steemit.
I have a suggestion I don't know of the Steemit team will like it but I was thinking if the Steemit team can organize a big steem power up Contest.
Let users buy steem with their own money and power it up. This will increase the value of steem and make it independent of BTC.
The contest will come with attractive prize just like SPUD4STEEM and rules that users must not power down.

It just my own little suggestion.

Cc: @steemcurator01
Cc: @dobartim

@dobartim, thank you so much for your wonderful post.
You correctly said that it is necessary to find a balance between the stakeholders: bloggers and investors.
And I agree with what you wrote.
The large investors who are on Steemit are very important for the development of the platform, and if they receive top awards for their posts, it does not annoy me.
That's how it should be.

Yes, you are very correct in saying. now many steemians are starting to actively write because the prices of steem and sbd go up. But I'm not like that, even when steem was cheap, I was still actively playing steemit. Greetings success, we are going to the moon ✨

This is a great post.
In essence, we have to bring in new users who want to do a Power Up, to add steam power so that the price of steam will increase.
Thank you Mr. @dobartim for sharing.

That’s great, it’s better than bringing in users who invest money in Steem.

That is very true.
I will always do power ups, even if it's just a little.

I would like these words to reach the hearts of all Steemit users and everyone can invest something in steem power, it would be a wonderful achievement for everyone. Thanks for these instructions. I will give you resteem so that it reaches more people.

See you at the top

Very well said Sir, that has actually being my campaign and mantra ever since I signed up to steemit. Boosting my SP up, that is the only way to grow and sustain steemit. I am very happy that you have brought it up, let reinvest in steemit because if steem will become more powerful it is the responsibility of you and I. Thank you so much @dobartim

You are welcome

"Only those who are persistent reach the goal"
The phrase that I will cherish and hold on to.
Thanks, this is really great. It motivates me!

You are welcome

Congratulations to the winners. I hope one day I can win too. :)

Amazing posts inspire me. Inspirational greetings

You're welcome.

Welcome to Steemit

You are welcome

This is worth thinking for. Hopefully, There will be blogs about how to earn steem and SP other than publishing an article. Thank you for this @dobartim my friend.

You are welcome

I strongly agree that the users below must also be considered because they have proper skills and are ready for big competencies such as participating in existing contests, I hope that everyone from the bottom to the top can participate in competitions that are often held so that they can develop more for steemit community. regards steemit

Indeed, we are winning together. We certainly have to pay a close attention to increasing our power. The presence of big men in our society has a great influence since they would invest. Thanks for spreading this @dorbatim

You are welcome

I hope that you guys who are seniors of Steemit can provide education to us who are beginners

It's really a good point and u also gave good suggestions for steem to grow up. I appreciate your effort we will work as a team to make it better and better.

See you at the top

Thanx guide me and help me also

Your writeup just gave me a whole perspective and i think i am going to start powering up more

Steem On

Steemit is a good platform to show your talent and lifestyle i think if we want we can grow this community as a biggest platform as like twitter or facebook. Facebook and other community alreday thrash. So we have chances.

This is a great message to everyone. I do agree that understanding the logic on how this platform works is essential for us to achieve greater success. Unfortunately, even in my week or less than a week in steemit,me myself finds it hard to raise my steem power despite striving hard to post content post in various communities. I do hope that newcomers like us be educated and guided,because I believe that if we truly live by what this platform aims, we will for sure give each other a helping hand, and that the rise of one means a success for everyone!

Worth reading indeed. This post makes me think how I would want my stay in this platform would look like. I know I still have a long way to go to learn more about blockchain but what I know for sure is I would also want to be an asset, be of help to people and give back to the communities and not just get support from them.

Very wonderful @dobartim. First time I ever read this fact. This should be discussed during promo.steem activities. We need to set everyone's mindset especially the newbies. We cant afford all these users just coming here to withdraw all the funds then get lost. You are a great mentor @dobartim.. See you around.

Editted... Even all the comments are interesting you got all our butts @dobartim... I'll spread these facts. More power.

Cuando entré a steemit hace más de 3 años fue un tiempo de mucho refrigerio, ya que vivía en venezuela y realmente fue de gran ayuda pero nunca aprendí a invertir en steemit, estaba confusa y prácticamente al principio sólo entendía sobre publicar e intentar ganar dinero para sobrevivir en mi pais, luego el steem comenzó a decaer y ya los SBD ni los STEEM alcanzaban para costear alimentos, luego noté que muchos steemianos retiraban sus steem power semanalmente para poder recibir ingresos, yo llegué a hacer los mismo porque tengo 3 hijos que en ese justo momento no tenía como alimentarlos y no sabes cómo me ayudó en ese tiempo el ingreso semanal de los steem power, el problema principal de todo es que tampoco conocía sobre inversión y lo que debía hacer para crecer. Ahora que volví estoy teniendo una visión más clara de cómo funcionan las cosas en steemit y que invertir en steem power es muy importante para ayudar a otros también a salir adelante y así sucesivamente unidos todos en la misma visión y objetivo, hoy en día estoy en otro país con un poco más alivio pero con el corazón en venezuela, y regresé para aprender como al principio debía ser. Tu publicación me aclaró un poco la visión sobre invertir en steem power, estaré visitándote más seguido. Muchos Saludos

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