Endurance is More Important Than Knowledge - See You in The Future

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Many people have great knowledge, professors in colleges, people who follow business events, the main cause and difference between knowledge and success is applied knowledge. Applied knowledge is power, ideas that are creative and innovative are power, persistence, and endurance to believe until success is power. We prepare for success and get annoyed by looking in only one direction mostly, and creative minds shuffle completely different angles and ways and realize completely new strategies that lead them to the top. I never gave up on a goal, I never stopped believing in myself and the future, I never stopped believing in Steem. The new Elon Green Coin project is an idea that will grow, the green future is secure and that is what we need to understand. Steem is a system that represents a business model and a social network, with small additions and evolution it will become a dominant factor in the blockchain world. I hear that the price has dropped, I also know that the price will rise, the moment additional parameters are set for the price to rise, it will go over 10 dollars. Now we can’t support 10 million users with voting power, but if every community becomes a small Steemit then that’s possible. I feel winning emotions when I see the enthusiasm of new users, I feel that the moment is coming when Steem will write history. The point is to understand that the future and success is only our decision and action, everything else is less important.


Dreams become reality when we believe in them, Steem grows about the sky when we believe in him. We cannot forget the great results, so it is good to achieve the goal because with it comes a sense of victory. Uncertainty becomes a reality when we are confident in ourselves when we know why we work when we have a plan and strategy that we follow.
Steemit is a job that fulfills us, gives us knowledge, and a chance to become leaders. It doesn't matter how much we earn, it matters how good we become at what we do.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

See you on the top @dobartim
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That is very true sir, endurance is very important in all that we do. Yes see you at the top.

See you

I like the saying that goes like " try hard or die trying

Nice one sir , please encourage me

Welcome to Steemit

Good day Sir @donartim, every time I read your article I am inspired and motivated.
Your post encourage me to move forward and do better. Thank you sir


Todo es posible amigo.
Estoy de acuerdo con usted.

surprisingly you still writing. I have giveup very early. because I can't find what kind of topics that really people like to read. Thank you, you inspire me to come back again.

Nos vemos en la cima 🏃

No importa cuánto ganemos, importa lo buenos que seamos en lo que hacemos. @dobartim

Endurance play a significant roles in our day to day activities (steem inclusive) the other aspects is putting your dreams into action. With this the sky is your limits.

I really agree with you sir, hopefully we can be successful together in this steem sir @dobartim

Yes, we can

your are absolutely right sir keep it up.

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This is an inspirational post. I like it and it has given me strength to continue posting even when I feel tired. Thank you very much @dobartim. Indeed, see you at the top dear friend

i agree with you, endurance much more than knowledge

You are absolutely right sir. Our dreams become realities when we go working on them. With the right mental attitude, we can all succeed. I will meet you at the top.

Everything counts. Nothing substitutes for work. Consistency, Perseverance, and Determination are prerequisite qualities to achieving any goal in life.

Me encantan sus palabras, muy inspirador. No paro de creer en mis sueños y trabajar por mis metas.

Hi @dobartim. A very motivating post. Thank you.

I never gave up on a goal, I never stopped believing in myself and the future, I never stopped believing in Steem.

When we keep our focus, in the vision of what we want and believe in ourselves, we will not encounter obstacles, we will always go after our goal. This is how we must be with all our projects and also with Steem.

Your recommendations are very good.


Everytime I feel down and a bit discouraged, I run to your post cause it makes me feel alive again and pursue my goal here in Steemit. But one of thing for sure I will never give up.

Y como usted dice yo lo creo, "Los sueños se hacen realidad cuando creemos en ellos", gracias por sus palabras me motivan mucho..