Emotional Reality

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Stones shoot on the pure vibrations of emotional truth, look at the stars in the traces of heavenly eyes that follow your works. A few steps of creative hugging give the power of the mind to achieve maximum accomplishments, the loving category of emotional euphoria releases the hormones of the kiss.


Follow me through the dash of the new horizon of life, look at me with magical eyes in the magnificent light of truth.
We sit at the top of the globe at the foot of the opportunity of new challenges, you are the girl on the front page of the future from the fairy tale.

The story opens the emotional reality through the speech of physical magic, the sense of passion attracts an embrace in the clouds of perfect energy. The gates of time salute the virtue of the honeymoon, open the secrets of the heart in the desert oasis of love.

Luminous colours dominate the imagination of winning enthusiasm in the juices of life truth, change the wave at the frequencies of the audience and achieve a successful career. Get rid of sin on the altar of love, the wisdom of emotional growth shows the virtue of success.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Free Image Source: Pixabay.com


the words that you write are so beautiful, that my heart will be at peace when reading them 😊

Thank you

You are welcome

very impressive @dobartim

Very great words, I always remember your proverbial words in poetry, and I will make them come true.
Thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot


Nice one sir @dobartim

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