Love Abundance

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I followed your traces that led me to the nest of success, I saw shadows and light that touched me in all aspects of imagination. Happiness is bought with feelings and truth, we have discovered our tasks in mystical traces of awesome love.


Playing power and knowledge through the filters of the paternal profit, a material victory gives freedom of movement and creation in the world of rapid change. I'm looking for pearls of mourning in every word, man and detail that is available to me.

You are a woman of fire that calms down with a light, you are the princess of love with the beauty of the mythical queen.
We create a new world with an abundance of opportunities, everyone has the right to be happy and to play life challenges.

Remedies of pure thoughts from information rubbish, courage goes through the intuitive walls of creative revelations that have been sent to us as a responsibility. In everything, there is a hand of the creator and everything moves according to the rule of the cosmos, find your path to the heart of eternity because it will become a size that does not extinguish.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Buen días muy bonita la poesía, lo comparto en mi cuenta.

Saludos desde Venezuela

There are always words that inspire life.
Thank you for sharing.....

Thank you

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