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When they talk about us, it is a virtue that elevates us to a place of self-criticism and supreme control, we give signals to remarkable fields of energy vibration. Successful dreams bring new dreams that bring us closer to the boundaries of virtue, open doors bring the wind of emotional tenderness.


There is a great desire ahead of us that covers the traces of excitement, this is a moment that raises us to the level of courage to go one step further. A broken destiny assembles parts in the laws of karma that give us the direction of change, in the rhythm of happiness we make new decisions on the basis of will.

Schedule classes through a successful program and change the habits that take you to the bottom, push the boundaries of ambition and morale and become a living legend. Our moments are realized in a new crown of life, a revelation is the joyful distance of a wonderful peak.

The morning sun shows new touches of enthusiasm that gives us the power to rise to new victories, to feel the power of a life-giving form that brings us joyful norms. The comedy of life brings joy and sorrow in rich and poor roles, every detail is just a thought we create in an emotional balance of focus.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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