Powerful Ideas are only Implemented in The Hands of Powerful Leaders

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Many times I had great ideas but failed to realize them. Ideas are 10% success, realization, plan, strategy and proper action are 90%. When we talk about the fundamentals of business then we have a few major things that are necessary if we want growth and stability. The steps I will describe in the second part of the post are an integral and essential part of any success. Many people think that big business is based only on a good idea or money. Brilliant ideas are seldom understood, and most of the people who are envious are overwhelming, they do not want to help you succeed. If you do not have the knowledge, experience and leadership skills, if you lack the right team of people who are enthusiastic and with you then your idea is doomed to failure. The possibilities are limitless, there are few people who are dedicated to going through all the problems, obstacles and risks to achieve big goals. It is a big mistake when we set small goals, then we will achieve even smaller results than those we set as projects task or vision. We need to believe so much more, to be megalomaniacs to the fullest when it comes to goals.


-1. Mission - Our life's dream

What is our life plan, what is it that we will do in such a way that it will affect the positive changes and well-being of our family, friends, people and the whole society? With the answer to this question, we lay the foundation for our success in life. We need to combine our talents, preferences and knowledge into one focus that we will achieve in our lives. We know that we go on a mission when we feel beautiful when we have the enthusiasm and the will to work hard.

-2. Team - The hardest thing is choosing the right team to work as one, in the right synergy.

The winning team is chosen based on faith in our vision, credibility, diversity and specific knowledge. Only a group of people who are on your team for the sake of vision and not for the money and profit in the first place can do great things. Choose the people you work with carefully, never put in the first team people who are great experts but work solely for personal interests.

-3. Leadership - if everything and every decision depend solely on one personality then it will become a tightrope that can lead a company and project to a chasm. It is impossible for one person to make all the decisions about all the trace elements, strategies, implementation and tasks while at the same time the company becoming a big brand. All the great visions and projects had the right leaders in a key position, they also had people in all the necessary places who did their job in a superb way.

-4. Cash flow

Money is the bloodstream of one business ecosystem, without money, even the best teams can't function. A realistic and visionary projection of the budget should be set up to work out steps that will have sufficient inflow of money for projected development. In the world of blockchain technology, development should be divided into the marketing and sales sectors and the creative programming part. We need to find a balance in development and set smaller goals that are achieved in order of priority, in parallel we need to choose the right marketing tools and strategies for raising the value of the product and brand. How to get money, how to get started and what is the best path are questions related to your ambitions and desires, everyone needs to find their own formula for how to secure money.

-5. Communication

Two forms of communication need to be integrated into the project culture. Internal communication with the team and employees, the culture of the company should be reflected in the outside world. External or PR communication is a mirror of the company, the task of the team is to create a synergy that will reflect the reality of the company in a meaningful and inspiring way. This part is closely related to the marketing sector, though I am always for connecting and understanding all sectors of the company to be organized as one team, one mission and one goal.

-6. System - Strategies - Plans

System and systematization are a central part of every project, every business. The system is about working rules, investment and development rules, administrative business matters, tax savings, but the system must never compromise freedom and creativity. A very solid platform needs to be built that is strong enough and at the same time flexible enough to accommodate change and innovation.

-7. Laws

Legality, trademark protection, patent protection, contracts with external partners, contracts with employees and many other businesses must be regulated by law, otherwise, it may ruin the company. We don't often think about this, about contracts, but it turns out later that we made a big mistake because of that.

-8. Product

The biggest mistakes are made by the people who put the product first. Have you noticed how many products and services are not of high quality and their companies are making a fortune? The only reason these companies are successful is because of the systems and other points I have mentioned. The quality of the product must be understood, our mission should be useful to all people and our customers.


Business is not a mathematical formula that is solved, it is a puzzle that constantly has new challenges. In business, emotions, diplomacy, character, people, knowledge, moments and global economy, competition and many other factors play. That is why good planning and faith in achieving great goals is very important because it is part of the human spirit that has the power to do great results and amazing things. We are beings who can always raise the level of knowledge to a greater degree, that is how we evolve.

Today we need to become warriors for success, fear is the main source, the element that keeps people away from success. Enthusiasm is contagious when we are full of confidence we have the power to move mountains. It is necessary for us to feed ourselves with healthy and positive information, we need to trust our heart and intuition. Similar energy attracts similar energy, if you are positive and moral then you will attract such people. This energy attracts the attention of other positives, thus generating the strength of the brand that we recognize today as powerful.


What can I buy with Steem?

Are your dreams and visions big enough to see when Steem will be the star of blockchain technology? The reality is big, mass adoption is the right moment for the power of the Steem ecosystem to take a strong position in the business world. You are in the right place, you are living at the right time, your five minutes are coming and you need to make good use of it.

A bright future lies ahead
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For the past 2 years, this has been my reality as I had joined to be part of a 3 person team for business in its start up stage. These words are pure gold because without any one of these points, the balance would tip the scale and it all comes down.

Thanks for the valuable words. If you’re not already listening to Seth Godin, he has a podcast named Akimbo. Awesome stuff!

Seth Godin, and many other business educators are a true inspiration for our character and success.

I hope you're right! Both places could turn out great at the end.

Let everyone go with their luck