Sometimes it Only Takes a Little For a Great Result

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How many times have you started doing something with enthusiasm, it didn’t go well for you or something got complicated, you eventually gave up. It is the same story when a man sold his property to go around the world to find diamonds, the buyer of his property one day saw a glittering stone in a stream, when he took it in his hands he saw that it was the largest diamond in the world. We always think that somewhere else is much better, in essence, we always carry our mind and our habits wherever we go. The difference that exists between success and failure is in the end, a successful man never gives up and reaches the goal, an unsuccessful man gives up and often only a few meters from the goal. People go to Steemit and write posts because they expect to make money, the point is that only those exceptional users with great posts and those who promote Steem have support, of course, investors have an option for their posts. There is nothing to be gained, people expect investors to vote for them, this is not the rule because the investor in Steemit is a person who earns from Stake, as in any other project, the only difference is that they need to write a post. Another issue is that investors want Steem value to grow, if they reward those who withdraw money from the account then they support the devaluation of Steem. Those who have not invested anything have nothing to lose, they want to make money for their needs, there is a huge difference in the approach to the project and we need to make evolutionary changes that will allow everyone to have interest and at the same time, Steem value grows.


I also want to allow every Steem user to get an airdrop from ElonGreenCoin, I would love to have a lot of airdrops this is another good option for all users. Welcome to Our strength is in vision, creativity, commitment to the goal, simply for success you need to be persistent and that everything you do makes sense for users. You can choose many different ways to get to the top, what you should never do is give up on a goal, on yourself, on faith.

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Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

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Thank you sir, as always, am really inspired.

You are welcome

This is a great piece. However, I think that there are a lot of people here who are also promoting steemit and not just here to make money for their needs. Speaking from how I got introduced here.
Let's grow together.

Welcome to Steemit

Thank you sir.

Terima kasih, anda selalu menjadi panutan.

On this platform, the person who works patiently towards his goals will achieve success. we should write quality posts so that we can add value to both our followers and steemit. I think we should increase our capital by re-investing every penny we earn, without withdrawing it from the site. We should do this so that the value of steem will increase as you mentioned.
We continue on the road with your useful advice, even if our income is low for now, continue without giving up. Thank you..

I was an active user on steemit 3 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough motivation and I quit. I came back 3 months ago and now I'm having a lot of fun. I have more fun and earn more. I am converting my earnings to steem power. I understand steemit better now and I tell it to everyone around me. I got 5 of the old users to come back. I also got 6 new users to come. Now I am moving more confidently towards my goal. Steem prices can go up or down. My goal is to have a high steem power account. Who knows, maybe I will gift it to my daughter in the future.