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Go down to the ground of reality as you create a model of future victory, the analysis of thought gets crosses from the subconscious ether with powerful instructions. Life is a game of thought and emotion with the rules of universal laws, pass the test and climb to the top of success.


I have a passage below the seawater, the storm has passed with negative emotions while I am looking at the beauty of a powerful sun. We read feelings on the face of delusions, we set new boundaries of challenging love with a joyful end.

Misconceptions and excuses bring an illusion of perception that leads us to the wrong places, we make logical conclusions on the foundations of emotional accomplishments. We make changes with challenging creations, we achieve high-end goals with the ideals of imagination.

The bright destiny changes the steely will of progress on the wings of enthusiasm, breaks the walls, and passes through fears with the brave movement of genius. We eat cake of destiny as we read the messages from the lips of chance, there is nothing more beautiful than the positive vibration of reality.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Thank you very much. The words that you have written carefully in your post are very entertaining. Reality is a very difficult thing to tell the truth and the one who can conquer reality can actually win. dobartim's beautiful poem. Whose interpretation is able to win the future.

We win together

This is a dope poetry work.

But, is reality even the reality we want or understand? We claim it's real but eternity speaks void of reality. Maybe, then, we could call our souls liars by helping us with the thoughts of reality.

Nucleus Writes!


You're welcome.

Here the mind plays a bigger roll.
What so ever that grows around ur mind, takes its action as physical
Good for sharing @dobartim

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You are welcome

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