Steem - An Idea That Shines in The Sky of The Blockchain Universe

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Steem is an unusual place of opportunity for those who are persistent. A real blockchain diamond, the very idea of a blockchain special network that rewards its users is completely different from all other social networks that exist in the world. This is a perfect model for the DPOS system and investors, the idea is great, the realization needs to evolve for mass adoption. We are not far from a solution, it is necessary to make some changes, to make a team of the best creatives, and to start mass conquest of the world. Communities are a nice solution, but Steem Power has its limit, we can't accept new users and support them, and big players aren't interested in making a few hundred dollars. If we want to invite a music group to be active, I don't believe they will be motivated to write blogs or play their videos (we don't have our own live channel on the Steem blockchain at the moment). I am a person who makes sales education and development strategies, which is my profession, so I want to write about possible solutions that can add value to the whole Steem ecosystem. I am not a programmer and I do not know how to make the realization of some things, I am sure that I will try to make a project with which I will support all users, that is my sincere wish. So I give everyone advice, to accept the challenge and make a project - an application, to make a team and do something that will benefit everyone.


Enthusiasm is the main driving force that gives us strong support to realize things. When we are in a positive state of mind then our faith becomes strong, then we have the power to create great things. Maybe you are young, you do not have a clear vision of what you could do, I am telling you now that you can do everything you dream of, get rid of the closed frame of thinking, start thinking about new possibilities. Steem is not a copy-paste project, it is an original idea that can be developed in different directions, from business models to social networks.

Great success is made by thinking about how to meet the needs of all users, when we think in this way then the solution is positive, a large number of people will support it, and that means great success for us. Our inspiration is making money, if you want to make money start thinking about how to become a millionaire, hang out with successful people, listen to advice and work on yourself. Don't limit yourself to the existing system, use the maximum potential of the whole blockchain, think about models that are compatible, and start with the realization.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

See you on the top @dobartim
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Happy Weekend sir

Happy weekend

Hi @dobartim ,This phrase fits with my work in this panel and I will try to make it fit more and more, I feel motivated and I go step by step, day by day.
(Only those who are persistent reach the goal)
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happy weekend...

Happy weekend

Bravo!steemit has it own package and only those that are persistent will participate in the last supper


We live in the world of great possibilities and it's only those who think greatly rule .
I am hanging out daily with great minds like @dobartim here on steemit. Reading and meditation on his teachings encourages me to keep going.
That's the spirit sir. Keep inspiring.
we are in future now

We are in the future

Sure we are. Happy weekend sir.

Happy weekend

Thank you sir

Hello leader @dobartim. First of all, thank you for being our really inspiration.

I am not a programmer too, I wish I would like to develop a lot of nice applications based on Steem. But I do not lose my hope and I believe that our programmer friends will be here in the future and will do a good job. I will be there to support them.

Great decision

I really love your write up , you are really good

Welcome to Steemit

Steem ile gerçek hayatı birleştirmeliyiz. Ancak o zaman güzel projeler ortaya çıkacaktır. Umarım çok daha fazla kişiyi topluklar sayesinde toplayabilir ve We have to combine Steem with real life. Only then will Beautiful projects emerge. I hope we can gather a lot more people through the community and add value to steem. What we need to instill in people, I think, should be steem power first. In this way, each user will be more useful to people around him.

Steem Power and creativity

I really love your write up
Good post sir


i really agree with you, we need to think about potential of the whole blockchain, even more because we have integrated with TRON.

Best regard, and see you on top.

See you at the top

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I am also trying to bring steem to fly higher by sending a request to the indodax team so that steem will be listed on the indodax market, which is the largest market in Indonesia so that it can be easier to buy and sell steem for Indonesian steemians, and hope that there will be Indonesian investors who start buying steem. Published on my post.

Great decision

That is a great post.


Very nice post


Very nice post


in a month you will be able to work in farming. I am proud of this for..hy..salm STEEM

Keep going

how to use steemit properly so that it can produce .??homon teach me ??

Yes !! This start shines so much that you can seek for guidance from it even in darkness of your faliures and it's kind a companion for hardtimes

Be persistent

Good post

Veri excellent post sir

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You are right sir. Steemit has set the pace for other social media that run on the blockchain technology