Steem Blockchain is Almost Santa Claus - There Will Come a Time When Everyone Will Talk About Steem

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Once upon a time, people worked hard to make the value of Steem almost $ 9, some got rich, that was the time when the value of Bitcoin was around 20,000 dollars. Everyone was enthusiastic, apps were being made, users were making money on quality posts, now Bitcoin is worth about $ 56,000, and we stand at 94 cents! Changes will be made, we will evolve and strike a balance between investors, businessmen, communities and bloggers. In modern capitalist society, knowledge and information is power and with them, we create value and money. We can achieve everything, there is no fair system where everything is shared equally, if someone loves pizza and orders it, share it in half with a friend who does not like pizza, it is fair but did not fulfil the purpose. If you don’t have Steem Power you can’t help anyone, so it’s important that leaders increase their voting power, that other users follow the same principle, and that we make a real boom in the world of blockchain. Knowledge costs a lot of experience, money, failures, success is built on the foundations of failure, and ignorance is paid for a lifetime and much more. We build our future together if we have the same visions, the same goals if we do and do everything to make Steem an attractive place for all users, both rich and poor. There is no failed user, there is only a path that has not yet been traversed. Patience, education, dedicated work and discipline are qualities that will surely lead you to the top. Sometimes it is hard for us to believe in success because there are many obstacles, many times just disappointed, that is why those who never give up always reach the goal. Leadership is not in knowledge, leadership is in the application of knowledge, and that requires much more work, sleepless nights and creative actions. Everyone is a leader for himself, when he surpasses his previous success, everyone can create winning energy and enthusiasm that will carry him on the big waves of success.

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We cannot change the world, we can change ourselves. It is the starting point from which everything changes, everything becomes different when we become responsible for our lives, for our results. There is no place where we get something for nothing, Steem blockchain is almost Santa Claus, many have not invested a single dollar and have become powerful in their countries. Times are changing fast, just as we got the Tron in the prize pool, so tomorrow we can get new coins or tokens, maybe at some point, each community will have its own token. Our job is to give our maximum, to show everyone that we can become a brand, we make a brand of ourselves with each of our posts. To make money I don't have to do a Contest, I can delegate Steem Power and write one post every day, it would bring me a lot less work and more earnings, but I like to reward persistent users, that's why I write every day.

I believe I am sure that the value of Steem will reach over $ 10, so it is important to understand this moment, that investing in quality work, keeping Steem, Investing in Steem Power can bring you wealth and financial freedom.

Steem On - Power Up


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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I have been on Steemit for quite a while and I have noticed that there is a tendency for those who get to a high Steem Power amount to bank what they have and live on the interest supplied by such sites as TiPu & UpVu. The wealth that they have created is not shared around through upvoting those who are weaker in the chain, in order to "spread the love". I think that that inactivity does not benefit the platform as a whole, concentrating the power in the hands of the few, and this is an inherent weakness that should be addressed somehow.

I think that the whole Steemit experience would benefit from a necessity from those with the wealth and Steem Power having to vote a certain percentage of their own Power on those lower down the chain in order to keep the Steem Power levels that they have earnt, lest they lose a percentage for inactivity (maybe over the period of a couple of weeks or maybe a month). Therefore their full participation in the community is assured, and the stronger help the weaker ones up the ladder so that we all succeed...

I absolutely see the business side of things, however if you are using Steemit as an investment vehicle, I think you also have to realise that it is also a Social Network, and social networks rely on interaction between those who use it for it to survive and prosper.

There is a wealth of inventive, clever and talented creators here on the platform, and you need to give them hope and a chance too. That's why I think it should be a condition that to invest and prosper in Steemit, you also have to contribute to Steemit and not just milk it...

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Everyone who only take and sell Steem in the same time milk Steem. Read my few last posts, and everything is there about Social network, business, Steem and Steemit. This is not social donation network, this is business social network. We need to find a model for everyone who is loyal, active, creative, for investors and for creators.

Those who have nothing except their talent of writing and creating don't milk Steem, they work for it!! My business (I have worked in international travel for 30 years) has been destroyed by Covid-19, and I have drained my savings to keep going. This is an investment vehicle that in time may replace what I have lost, but I will have to work for it, and it would be better if I get value for the amount of time that I put into it. I will work at this for hopefully over several years, and ultimately what I get out will also be dependent on the other members of the platform too...


All for one and one for all! Working hard together and knowing the intrinsic power of the blockchain we're powered by is bound to make history for a looooooong time!

Thanks for your positive outlook and perspective. It does matter and helps many, especially the new comers to have an idea of what has happened and what is coming our way if we stand together.

Namaste :)

We win together - Namaste

Cuán importante es aplicar el conocimiento, todos los dias entran nuevos steemianos que pueden ser educados en invertir en steem power, no sabía la importancia de esto sino cuando comencé a leer e investigar.

Es importante empezar por el primer camino.

Estoy aprendiendo aqui en sus escritos me gusta hacer las cosas bien así que estaré atenta para seguir aprendiendo y aplicando. Me gustaría mucho ser parte del avance de steemit recibir para dar y aunque no entienda algunas cosas estoy dispuesta a aprender. Muchas gracias

Truer words have never been said! This is just the reality. Patience,hardwork and persistent are valuable keys to success. This post has shown me a new light and purpose,thanks for inspiring

You are welcome

I read your Post is very good


Thank you very much for replying to my comment.

Emazing and valuable information...thank you that's a great thinking...

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agreed. the future of steem looks promising


definitely, a time will come steem will top the world and it will be soon

See you at the top

it will such a great honor

Thanks for inspiring @dobartim

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What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within I stick with change

Dedicated and persistent man never lose

"Only those who are persistent reach the goal"

Wow!!! It all takes persistent, when we dream about the things we what to see and to happen and take actions on the dreams, it is always feasible. I share the same faith with you sir and I know with persistent and hard work steem is the future. Thank you @dobartim for this great piece, always looking forward to hear from you. Shalom.


Hello Excellent message, I really liked it. How do I invest in steem power, how do I achieve all that I wrote? I am new, and I want to grow properly on the platform, but I don't know where to start. @dobartim

Welcome to Steem Schools discord channel

so tomorrow we can get new coins or tokens, maybe at some point, each community will have its own token.

Check out Steem-Engine

There's plenty of community tokens already circulating and paying out; we just need users to return. Marlians, DBlog, Photo are all still paying curation and author rewards.

V v v v good

I have recently posted a solution to this. You can read it here - Task Garud Community Introduction

I this point we can not change the whole world but we can change our selves,I totally agree with you @dobartim