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The moment passes and I realize that almost three years have passed, there was everything in small and large doses from love to stress. I have become better in the world of digital future, friends bring joy in the winds of emotions while opponents become a separate whole of interest and ego.


Doctors and writers, loyal and those who sell themselves for a few dollars and a good reputation, it's all a school where you come to those real relationships, knowledge and top friendships. The future we are walking on comes on the wings of Steem, it is a business school through fiery games of feelings.

We go one step ahead of everyone and push the boundaries of success, together we become a team with the same goals, it is the strength that makes us winners. The world has become a dance school of creative games, we are winning on innovation exchanges.

Overcome weaknesses together with a team of enthusiasts, start your talents and show value because that will climb you to the top of Steem. My heart beats for the dreams we achieve together, in front of us are goals and successes because there is no limit for us.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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I like that poster, looks really great. Agree with you the time is flying three years seems to be like just yesterday, we are also three years here. I am glad that there are core people who I learnt at the beginning are still there, different personalities but still very firm in what we decided to dedicate a part of our life with the hope in our future together.

Nobody know what will be there but much depends on us, we are a team and will keep going!

We win together

Happy third OG!

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