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Starting blogging and making money starts with the fact that we all think that a quality post is enough to become successful! It’s a great start, but many users are disappointed when they invest their time in writing a quality post without a reward for it. New users do not understand exactly is the main point of Steem Blockchain, and that is that everything depends on the economy of supply and demand. If we sell our earned SBD and Steem and don’t increase Steem Power, then the price has a great chance of falling. So it’s best to choose between two options, to write quality posts and for investors to reward those users who do Power Up, that’s their interest. In that case, Steem value will grow, which is what we would all like to see. There is no system in which we do not invest anything and get something, it is the law of economics that applies to Steem blockchain. @jrcornel explained nicely why Steem's price jumps, how we can get Steem to rise above $ 10 - See It is nice to bring new users, it is even better that new users are investors at the same time, that is what will bring us all wealth. I know that it is not clear to many, many are not interested in who will invest in Steem, they just want to make money and take it into their own hands. This is the difference between people who have business logic and others who have mental deprivation, they will take everything for themselves because they are afraid that tomorrow everything may fail, that there is not enough money! The principle of giving is blessed, those who give always progress and this is a rule that is always confirmed in human life. See what @sultan-aceh, @xpilar, @stephenkendal, @xeldal, @steemchiller, @enki, @steemcurator01 and Steem Team and many others are doing, then you will see that these are leaders who give to others, it will be even better that we all give to those who are willing to give to others who will raise Steem Power.


Steem is not gambling, Steem is a social business network with the logic of business, and if we all understand how it works together then we will be very successful and rich. Successful users like to reward leaders, those who have a positive attitude because such users can be strong pillars of the Steem Universe. When we know what successful investors are doing, what successful bloggers are doing, we just need to follow their path because we will get to the top. When you see a user with a great reputation above 65 or 70, and at the same time he doesn't have much Steem Power, what does that look like to you? It’s immediately clear to you that he can’t vote on your post, it’s not interesting to you, you also know he Power Down off his Steem! That's what I'm talking about here, it looks ugly, it's a miracle that someone got to level 70 that way. If anyone believes in Steem then you can see it by the Steem Power it has!

We can promote Steem to everyone, that's great, it's even better to make an investment campaign, that's the best solution. Perhaps a great solution is for those who have the money to buy Steem and delegate it to users who will return it to them with interest. For poor users who don't know people with a lot of money, it may be a solution to organize a profile where everyone will invest less money, so their leadership profile will be able to raise enough Steem Power and reward the community. There is always a solution to achieve mass adoption and growth of Steem values, so it is necessary to focus on the same goal and knowledge to understand how things work.

Steem On - Power Up


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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I appreciate you sir @dorbatim for such great word and educative phrases. You are a man who is with a great mind and heart and loves to see others go to the top. I personally learn alot from you. Some people do not get to aquire the real knowledge about steemit blogging that's why some come to the platform and do not excell. When I joined I was told to just sign and post untill when I started reading your content and learnt alot about the platform. We all will take steem to the top and steem will be the best social media platforms. I'm trying my best to convince people to join the platform daily.

Great effort, keep going.

steemit with steem and steemdollar is the best. It is one of the less tokens with an intrinsic value.

Since I earn steemtokenunit's (STU) I always buy immediately steem via the internal market. My best price for steem was 0.059 SBD some weeks ago. All my steem I transfer to steempower.

Great Job, keep going.

I read this publication several times today, and every time I read it, I realize that I have wasted my time on pages outside of steemit that did not contribute anything. I have to increase my steem power whatever. And it's my goal, I will.

Great Decision

This is the truth behind success in steemit. When everyone gets the point, place will be more comfortable for everyone that are engaging here.

See you at the top

Sure. I will try my best. Thank you...

You are welcome

power ups in my opinion are a promising long-term investment,
I will empower all the results of my posts,
i want my steem power high so i can share,
I think sharing is beautiful

Share with users who deserved Upvote

okay, that is my big goal so far in Steemit

See you at the top

It always feels great to read and share your content
Link to my tweet
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Great choice

Great content!! Keep us updated.

I've turned my earnings from my writing into 100% power. Thanks for sharing

Great decision, you are welcome

yes sir, I strongly agree... your teachings are so powerful... so realistic

Keep going, see you at the top

I hope so sir😊

I am very new to steemit this is my second day one of my friend @live.log she told me join steemit nd am trying to learn it by myself.. But i really appreciate you Sir For posting such an educative information about steemit. I love to learn a lot from you.. You are such a good Mentor. I started reading your content from today only but i will definitely learn a lot from such contents.. A brief description is really helpful for new person like me.. Thank you..

I got lot to learn and practice from the stables of the fathers' @dobartim you can't run shot of wise words.

See you at the top

By your mentorship sir I will get to the top.

thanks leader @dobartim, I think the steem power increase is the best for everyone and I started with a low steem power until yesterday and thanks to this paltform, I now have about 120 strength :))

Great progress, keeep going

Now I better understand about steemit, thankyou for sharing this with us..


You are welcome

It's a great content. New users will really need steem power to succeed in steemitte and accept its existence 🙏

Thanks, we need new users and investors

Very informative @dobartim sir, really appreciate the work you put in to write it. Hopefully, I'll make my first investment soon.

Great decision

Thank You!!

When we power up it makes steemit stronger and makes our investment on steemit stronger. There is no doubt that investing in steemit is so lucrative, I will go for steemit. Thanks for sharing sir.

You are welcome