The Experience of Love

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All attempts provide the fruits of the experience that lead us through the sea of new obstacles, we learn in the winds of information that changes in every fraction of a second. There are no borders between us, it's just a fictional line that we see with imperfect senses.


The rest are related to the memories that are powerful, we are erasing mistakes because they are difficult for the new goals of the future. All I have to do for your kisses, I would give each part of myself the wisdom of your beauty that opens my eyes and new visions.

In the nights of romantic games we see a moonlight that plays on the palms of your beauty, your look is cool with the emotion of a fervent penetration that touches us in the fiery secrets of love. Time gates come with a sandy storm of blue eyes, show me your strength.

Vibrations of love games go through the thoughts of black and white filters, we determine the future that brings us new challenges. You send us signals of wonderful rules that bind us in the circles of emotional relationships, we connect the whole with parts of mystical knowledge.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Nice poetry to describe the beauty of love.
Love is beautiful when you meet the right person. Love is life. But when things turn apart, you wish you never met the person.

Love is everything

Yea. Just like your words,true love is this beautiful and even more. If a man is lucky,only then,I believe,can he experience this enchanting feeling.

I agree

Your post is a very beautiful post which is about developing human love and related thoughts.


Every word that you put out here is always an inspiration in my life.
Because I always filter your beautiful words as reminders in this life.

Awesome, thank you

Welcome Sir @dobartim......

Your words are really meaningful and beautiful, making people feel better inside. Stay with respect and love, sir :)

See you at the top

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