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The mind, the spirit, the soul and the body create the balance of the energies of man, the mystical progress is fast and wonderful with the open chakras of the universe. The lifetime is short, so use it in a smart way, win bad habits and become the master of the senses.


Earth became a body with the spirit of creators, a thought began to create new forms of life. Experiences have brought new rules of knowledge that create the future, we have become free in work and ambitions. New horizons open the paths of success, each cycle is repeated in a different form.

In your presence, my heart dances on love passion, my desires are part of your beauty that drives my imagination. I just want you to be part of my life, your magnificent love is a sincere and powerful force that opens the door to a new cycle of joy and happiness.

Get rid of material illusions through spiritual practice and love code. Everything starts and everything ends in the same way in this incredible material world, all rules are written, and the quality of happiness and success depends on your choice.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Hi @dobartim, I love the spirituality of your poem and your use of words. It's brilliant. I'm an upcoming artist and I've been sharing my works here for a while but haven't quite found the right community to share my works. I would be glad if you could let me share my works with the steem school community. I share the process involved in the creation of my works as well. Thank you so much.

Awesome comment

Wow, so lovely, interesting and Educating

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