The Paradigm of Love

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If I need to trample on others, to destroy people and their work for my success, this is not a path that gives the full heart of love and happiness. If I only work to Satisfied myself, with my senses and desires, then I am an egoist who has not grown to the size of the right person.


Youth and beauty, beautiful couples give emotions in the exchange of energy and love. Sweet lies and moral truths bring a new mix of sensual enjoyment, everything has turned into a few conversations about passion and profit. The world is changing, people are changing, we change as we make new paradigms of life.

Without love there is no life, without faith, success becomes unachievable. Everyone has periods of happiness and periods of misfortune; everyone has the power of decision and reaction to the given moments. I want to give a smile, beautiful poetry and a hand of friendship to everyone in this world, for me, love and honour are the imperative of a successful life.

Wonderful chances are given to those who believe in positive energy, though, and deeds. Modesty is the greatest virtue because we have a calm mind, creativity in the interests of a better life is something exalted and attainable to a moral man.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Without love there is no life, without faith, success becomes unachievable.

So true these words:)

Love is everything.

what to say to the true word :)
love despite everything :)


Wonderful & inspiring