WEEKLY CONTEST - Poetry Game - Day 1 - Reward Pool 50 STEEM

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The winners from the first week are:

-1. @prydefoltz

-2. @seo-boss

-3. @jasonmunapasee


Competition Conditions

  • Write poetry that has at least 100 words
  • Poetry must be in English
  • Post your poetry link in the comment space in this post
  • Post your poetry post on the Steemschools community here
  • Share your post on your wall
  • Register on the Steem Schools discord channel here
  • Only one poetry is approved for competition by the same author

Note : The system of election was changed at the suggestion of users, so as not to manipulate the selection of the best poetry.

Reward System

The competitionLasts 7 days.
PrizesRenewed after seven days.

The Winners

    1. Contest Winner Appraiser @dobartim
    1. We have 3 winners:

Winner 125 Steem
Winner 215 Steem
Winner 310 Steem


It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who supports the Poetry Game Contest: @xpilar @sultan-aceh and a lot of others.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top @dobartim
Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/dobartim1
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n
Free Image Source: Pixabay.com


Thank you very much, sir @dobartim.
You have chosen me to be the winner in this extraordinary poetry contest.

 2 months ago (edited)

You are welcome. Promote next one


Wow ... I wasn't expecting. Thank you so much, @dobartim. And most of all, thank you for supporting the poetry on the blockchain. It means so much:)

Thank you also ... @xpilar @sultan-aceh for your contribution:):):)

You are welcome - Congratulation

Congratulation to the winners!!
Thank you @dobartim for this weekly contest.
Here my entry to the Contest

Upvoted and rebloged

You are welcome

Boy, I didn't win. Congratulations to the champion, I wish you much success 👍

See you in the next one

See you again 😊

Hearty congrats to @prydefoltz @seo-boss
and @jasonmunapasee and thanks so much to @dobartim for organising the contest.

Very worthy winners and a great organiser.

Here is my entry for this week. I'd love it of some of you read it.


Great one

Congratulations to the chosen winners! You deserve all the credit. Let us keep on writing!

See you on the top

Saya sungguh terlambat mengetahui kontes ini karena disibukkan oleh ujian akhir kuliah. Next, saya harus ikutan. Semoga segera dibuat lagi kontes seperti ini ya @dobartim 😊


Greetings @dobartim! Here is my entry. Huge thanks and more power!

Nice one

Hello sir
Here's my entry for the poetry game:


Thanks for this initiative

You are welcome

Thanks, see you on Steem Schools discord channel

Congratulations to the champions, keep working.

Be persistent

Oke my fren 😊

Oh, I'm very pleased. Many Thanks!

You are welcome

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