WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 11 - Day 7 ( The Last Day ) - "Steem Poetry - Poetry Game" - Reward Pool 50 STEEM..

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Steem Poetry - Poetry Game Poetry became popular on Steemit, indeed the contest became very popular. I would like to emphasize that writing poetry is very demanding, emotional, it requires skill and choosing the right words.
There are so many good writers, and I'm sorry I can't reward you all, keep writing poetry, because when you do what you love then you will surely succeed.


Competition Conditions

  • Write poetry that has at least 100 words
  • Poetry must be in English
  • Post your poetry link in the comment space in this post
  • Post your poetry post on the Steemschools community here
  • Share your post on your wall
  • Share your post on Your Twitter Profile ( and put a screenshot on the place for comment in this post together with your post link )
  • Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dobartim1
  • Register on the Steem Schools discord channel here
  • Only one poetry is approved for competition by the same author in one week.

Note : The system of election was changed at the suggestion of users, so as not to manipulate the selection of the best poetry.

Only one poem is accepted in the weekly Poetry Game Contest

Reward System

The competitionLasts 7 days.
PrizesRenewed after seven days.

The Winners

    1. Contest Winner Appraiser @dobartim
    1. We have 3 winners:

Winner 125 Steem
Winner 215 Steem
Winner 310 Steem

The Participants - week 11

Poetry writer@tasonya
Poetry writer@josegonzalito
Poetry writer@sailawana
Poetry writer@a-h-p
Poetry writer@safi01
Poetry writer@amicablepeace
Poetry writer@robin07
Poetry writer@ghulamhaideradv
Poetry writer@christophergls
Poetry writer@fth
Poetry writer@devnyh1
Poetry writer@ansari00046
Poetry writer@nevlu123
Poetry writer@sailawana
Poetry writer@ayijufridar
Poetry writer@indy96
Poetry writer@fujaxxi
Poetry writer@reyarobo
Poetry writer@ahmad69
Poetry writer@jerry368
Poetry writer@imjace486
Poetry writer@steem-muksal
Poetry writer@sarix
Poetry writer@imjace486
Poetry writer@qudus0
Poetry writer@ansari00046
Poetry writer@monasterios
Poetry writer@rubilu123
Poetry writer@isha46
Poetry writer@sarix
Poetry writer@abdulkahargunu
Poetry writer@bristy1
Poetry writer@kingrakib
Poetry writer@shohana1
Poetry writer@arablasgidi
Poetry writer@rizwan12
Poetry writer@fwinanda
Poetry writer@sarix
Poetry writer@ripon0630
Poetry writer@ablaze
Poetry writer@rose-o
Poetry writer@carine1988
Poetry writer@ayijufridar
Poetry writer@iykewatch
Poetry writer@sarix
Poetry writer@raja09
Poetry writer@tasonya
Poetry writer@ripon0630
Poetry writer@steemit-fairy
Poetry writer@mubashirasghar
Poetry writer@ridwant
Poetry writer@nforyembe

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who supports the Poetry Game Contest

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top @dobartim
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Very nice post sir

Great thinkers are growing everyday. Thanks to @dobartim for this beautiful idea. Honestly poetry is highly demanding.
I have taken time to read the entries they are wonderful. Let's keep steemit trending.

Thank you sir.
Sir can I make a request?

Well is a nice contest and everybody cant win at the same time because even in the title race,is not everyone that will finish at the top and some will be relegated.

Greetings and successes to all participants, this time I return inspired by the love of mothers. Good vibes.
Poetry, "immense love" You can read here, while you read we can share cookies.



Hello dobartim sir!I think Poetry plays a vital role to change in human behaviour and also make some good changes in our soul as well. When ever people listen or read poetry, it leaves big impact on people thinking. I think may be I’m right or wrong, poetry changes in human behaviour like gutsy man also feel the power of poetry! I share some lines with you people by a famous poet. Please read it and feel the power of words. Special thanks to @doartim sir and also the team of this community as well .

I am very grateful for your support and it was a pleasure to participate in this challenge.https://steemit.com/hive-152587/@sarix/tal-vez-poetryn-56-poetry-game-day-7-maybe-the-last-day

Thanks a million sir for this poetry game. I am motivated to write poetry in English for the first time. Wish the best luck for everybody.


WhatsApp Image 2021-05-07 at 15.50.42.jpeg

You are welcome

Hello sir @dobartim, good day.

Well,sir I was just exploring steemit communities that I come across steem poetry- steem game poetry and I most say that I was really very Happy because I am a lover of creating poetry content but I can't say I am the best out here but I'm glad at least a community like this is here for me to express my self and build up my writing

sir I would love it if my poetry is acknowledge here on steem poetry or if my blogging page is visited

Thank you

And for the contest I am in thanks for organizing an amazing contest like this

Much love
Best regards

I am @gracellagift

I await your response sir

You are doing a great work in this platform, but why my diary game don't use to be vote normal

Great question, there is probably a limit in SP, not all users can be supported.

Do you mean that i cant get a better vote

You can always get a bigger vote.

When i did what sir @dobartim, because i have been making good diary post in this community but i don't get a better vote from this community

@successjoh I faced the same challenge it's normal if you have read the t&c of steemit you will understand that curation is not a sure thing. I got to a point where I started deleting my posts because they were just only but zero cents not until I read about the limitations on curating and my dear be assured of success if you overlook the gains of the now. Just this time build your reputation comment on quality posts made by good earning users. Surely your time of fat earnings will come. @dobartim hard set backs yet he remained courageous and persistent today success he sings. Not getting fat curations can be frustrating but allowing it take over your emotions is far way worse.

Steem on

only those who are persistent reach the goal ~dobartim

What if someone doesn't have a twitter account? will they still be eligible

Thanks sir @dobartim for this awesome initiative. It has achieved quite an awesome feat over the years. Here's my entry to the contest thus:


Here is the screenshot proof of my tweet.