WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 2 - New Users Game - Day 3 - Reward Pool 50 STEEM

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Bring new users to Steemit and be a winner.

New Users are the key to success and Steem value. Steemit is becoming attractive and with future development, it will become dominant as a blockchain social network. Any user can promote Steem and bring in a new user, the goal of this Contest is to get into action/mass promotion of Steem blockchain. Be active every day, be persistent and the results will come.


Competition Conditions

  • Write a post that has at least 100 words
  • Post must be in English
  • The new user must put a photo with the written text in his hand text "Thank you" your Steemit username (The person who brought him)"- I am a new user on Steemit" and his username on Steemit
  • In your post, write all the profile links from the users you brought to Steemit ( You can edit the post every day until the end of the competition and add new users) - At the beginning of your post, what is the number of users you brought to Steemit.
  • Post your post link in the comment space in this post
  • Post your post on the Steemschools community here
  • Share this post on your wall
  • Register on the Steem Schools discord channel here
  • Only one post weekly is approved for competition by the same author


Only one post is accepted in the weekly Contest

Reward System

The competitionLasts 7 days.
PrizesRenewed after seven days.

The Winners

    1. Contest Winner Appraiser @dobartim
    1. We have 3 winners:

Winner 125 Steem
Winner 215 Steem
Winner 310 Steem

Participants who have brought users so far:


It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who supports the New Users Game Contest: @sultan-aceh, @stephenkendal @steemcurator01 and many others

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top @dobartim
Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/dobartim1
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n
Free Image Source: Pixabay.com

Thanks to:


Thank you

No problem it's my pleasure 🤝

Thank you

No problem 👍🏾

Just checking, what is the closing date on this one?

01 April

Thanks for the confirmation.

You are welcome


I will be bringing my friends.
I will make a post on it shortly

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