When I Saw My First Post on Steemit With 0 Cents I Was ...My Steemit Story...

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I remember like it was yesterday, I was depressed after losing a big contract, I didn’t want to go to work, I just decided to dedicate a little to my garden and the internet. I wanted to learn English, I needed that because I had partners from other countries, I searched the net and came across a place where it says - makes money from blogging. I registered, I think I waited a few days to be able to log in. I started writing posts, it was so hard for me to write on Google Translate, but my blogging course in English has just started. I saw some users make one dollar each, some made a lot more, I wanted to be as successful as they were. For a few days, I didn't have a penny, I started to wonder what was wrong with me. I started reading posts from successful users, I saw different profiles from entertainment, blockchain posts to business and art. I saw who was voting for those users, I started making a list of people I would follow and learn from them. The first and best strategy I made was to select twenty successful users and write comments on their posts, I wanted to get their attention. The competition was great, I had to be creative, to write comments that had a great and positive point, I became a master of comments. I wrote a few posts a day, money started coming in on my posts, I was enthusiastic when I saw 1 Steem dollar. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, my first book is about how to get rich without start-up capital. I wanted to make great money without investing, this was my best English course, I'm not perfect but I've made a lot of progress so far. I saw that there are a lot of users who make the first big mistakes and have no knowledge, they wrote short spam comments, so I had a desire to create a Steem Schools discord group, to educate users to become successful on Steemit. When I became successful enough without investing, then I invested in Steem and picked up Steem Power. It wasn’t easy to get to the level where I am today, I have an even stronger desire to become more successful, better, more creative, to see the Steem family grow to the throne of the blockchain universe.


There is no path to success, every day we build that path ourselves, and the path itself is a success. There were also hard times, it’s not easy to have the inspiration to write great posts every day. I saw that people like to take part in competitions, I started making competitions and rewarding people, it was a wonderful gathering. Every day we had lessons on the discord channel, we hung out, we gave prizes, we sang at a karaoke party, everything was like a fairy tale. I miss those days, now it is very difficult to establish a balance in one place from all over the world, there are many communities, there is a much bigger focus on earnings. It’s great to make money, but it’s even better to get to know each other and share our life stories. Many users do not want to show their true identity, honestly, I have no reason to hide from people, I am open to everyone to talk and cooperate. I would like to become a witness, but I am not a programmer and that is an obstacle for me, I would give all my earnings in rewards to the users who best promote Steem.

Now we are developing more as a business model, there is much more support for new users and that is a great motivation. We all function together in the same system, if more people withdraw money than we have an inflow then Steem will start to fall, that is the whole truth. Isn't it better if we all keep Steem together, that everyone takes money when they really need it, then everyone would have much higher earnings and benefits? We have a very strong education, we have honest leaders who want to help new users, we have strong pillars to evolve in many ways, it is important that you are a true Steemian, a true champion.

pablo (4).png

Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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great story , initialy i also had the sickness of not commenting on other post all , until i started visiting others blog and i realise people have less reputation than me but more post thn me , from then i consulted some of my country reps on discord and they advised me to keep commenting quality content on others post , since i began that i have built much connections in my countrys platform as well as oher communities .
this your story is very inspiring and will push most of us to do more of commenting .

Real point

yep and this is helping me

Your hard work brings perfect results,That experience is a test for the future.
I am very proud of all the struggles you have put in up to now which have brought great results.

Thank you also for all the support you have given me, sir @dobartim.

You are welcome, we win together.

Yeah,togetherness will always bring victory ...

See you at the top

yeah, sure.

Am so inspired and emotional right now.
You have come this far, am so happy you didn't give up on your dream, your consistency and hard work made you who you are today.
I must confess I am so happy right now. The very day I met you and you told me to keep working hard and I shouldn't give up on my dream that one day all my hardwork will surely pays, I hold on to your word and I promise I won't give up and will keep on pushing hard to make Steem great.

Thank you sir @dobartim

Bring more users and investors, see you at the top

The project am working on will be officially launched today.
Am still working on the logo.
Hopefully I finish everything today.

Thank you so much for trusting and believing in me @dobartim

Make something for others - This is our story

Thank you so much for this inspiration sir. Indeed, when I myself was a beginner in Steemit, I would always feel sad whenever my post is not recognized and that I always get point something, not even a whole dollar vote. But then, persistence is the key. One should never give up. Just keep on writing, the things that excites you, interests you, the things that give you joy. Little by little, the things that I do are being read and appreciated by other people. And for me, these are my little successes in life. I am looking forward to that day that I could be something else. But as I'm waiting while continuously writing, I celebrate these little milestones in my life with joy and gratefulness. I thank those who keep believing in me and in my writing. To me, that is more than enough.

I see one of your post with 60 SBD Congratulation. This is a monthly salary in my country, this is a great success. Welcome to Steem Schools community

Thank you so much sir @dobartim I will keep on writing and sharing sir. Thank you so much for inspiring us sir. Best regards from the Philippines 🇵🇭

Oh what a great day @dobartim had set for me . Even my sleep was interrupted by thoughts of quitting steeming and there comes a hug miracle in form of a post to keep me alive as a blogger again to keep me on steemit for life. I could remember deleting those posts I made making zero penny. I have seen reasons to remain resolute. Sir your fatherly love and kind motivation for younger steemit like @iykewatch inter alia are unwatchable. Thanks sir. Steem on and keep developing and encouraging the fable hands and minds.

See you at the top - Keep going

Thank you sir.

The content has vast opportunities through which one can become the top. In fact, you talked about how it was at the beginning when you saw how other users are obtaining great from their blogs, it motivated me to for you not relax after seeing the little you got from your blogs as compared to others. I will take your background as a channel which i believe, I also, will be come top, as growing together is your aim. You also stated how open and cooperative you are to everyone, for your question, I will say yes for it is surely better be better to steem together, get money and earn higher. You also develop a good initiative by creating contest and reward participants as you realized the interest people have in contest. You are great @dobartim.

Thank you, keep going and see you at the top.

This is indeed a success story from a mentor, waking up from bed today to read this story is such a great motivation for my day and my steemit career, one day and I know very soon I will be glad to write down my own steemit success story like you do. Am really motivated and much love for you @dobartim

See you at the top

This is so inspiring my friend @dobartim. Yes it is so true, discouraging at times after writing so may article yet there was no recognition at all but after trying many times you really get what you really aim and of course with the guidance of our creator. I always tell myself every time I get discourage and have no interest to write, "I will rest but will never quit". In this journey, either you earn or learn, never be discourage because "Success" will truly come if its in the right time. Thank you for sharing this my friend. Excited to share my knowledge about at things in this community. Cheers to all of us!

See you at the top



Bravo! You have done so well for yourself. This so very inspiration to those still coming up like me. Seriously most times i feel exactly how you felt. But the key word is never give up. Thank you for your story

Hello, happy day from Venezuela, it motivates me that you tell your growth story, in the midst of feeling frustrated or sad about the loss of your contract, and then in your better knowledge of English. It is the best acquisition of knowledge-learning. The truth is that yes, it is a bit difficult to want to get ahead but not impossible. Always with perseverance, today you are an example of this for many of us. I like how it looks so naturally, we can get to know your face and know a little more about you. In fact, part of what you did, at first following people who were more recognized, I also did it, because we seek to learn how everything works here, the truth that since 2017 steemit has been a challenge. The promotion of steemit also catches my attention, the truth is that for many of us that is a pleasure, including many more users to the platform, who contribute their knowledge to the decentralized environment. The covid-19, today makes it difficult to do a meetup, in person, but it is not impossible to do it in multiple videoconferences, where each one contributes something of whether, knowing the English language or not, groups could be created. in different countries, and hold conferences on steemit and its value for each of us. It is true what you say, of spam messages, many just write, to write and do not read carefully, it is a tremendous mistake. Also, I have located the discord channel, I think it is fabulous, I have left lli in the introduction part a few days ago my introductory review, so that each user that enters can know me. I hope that you consolidate all your dreams and those dreams come true, @dobartim.

Dreams become reality when we believe in them.

your writing really inspires me,

now I also follow you on twitter

I am glad to see you on Twitter

This piece of write up has all the ingredients one could ever thought of,Maggi,salt,pepper and other spices,pick the one that will add sauce to your life because for me,I pick hardwork because it will definitely pay off one day and @dobartim,you are the best

Thank you, I am only a small ant. See you at the top

This is quite a motivational speech for we the starters on Steem ,we try to work harder and never give up on Steem and surely we will also get there, thank you @dobartim

You are welcome

you have a very inspiring story, I am glad that you did not give up in the most difficult times and continued to fight. Keep it up.

Welcome to Steemit

"There is no path to success, everyday we build that path ourselves, and the path itself is a success"

This line really stroke me to the core sir. You just inspired a young man like me to do more. Am a newbie on Steemit and I really cherish comments and good reply more than upvote. I will learn from you to become a great Steemian and also a promoter of Steemit and steem blockchain. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.

You are welcome - See You At The Top

Thank you for this word of encouragement,cause I'm already feeling like this blockchain isn't for me but with what you've said I think I can also make it even though it takes time ... fighting

Beleive in yourself, see you at the top

This is truly inspiring. @dobartim, glad you shared your success story to motivate others including me.

You are welcome

i really love your post
i can join your community
please give me feadback

Welcome to Steemit

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really thank you so much

Wow!!, This story really inspired me. @dobartim You have been a great mentor and model to me sir, am really glad you didn't give up in your dream.
I also have a big dream and I hope to achieve it before I clock 30.

Keep going

I'm truly inspired by your storyto success. I most confess that it's a motivation for me. Thank you for sharing your story

You are welcome

Hehe. I remember you my friend. I did contests myself in the beginning and gave a lot of comments under the posts. I spent a lot of time on steemit. I still feel torn inside. I have friends on hive and on steemit. The price of steem is holding up better than hive. Could it be that the great leaders of hive are getting greedy? I am again thinking of strengthening my steemit account but who to knock on here? Greetings!

Knock to yourselfe, that is the best way.

Hi @dobartim on behalf of all the my colleague newbies, we say thank you for keeping us motivated

You are welcome

I have been watching you a long time ago and you are very determined to reach the top level. You have a lot of inspiration to write about and it makes others want to follow in your footsteps of success.

I am only small ant, see you at the top.

I had a lot of fun with this post because I partly identified with it. By the way, I thought your native language was English.

I can only congratulate you for all your success. I liked the following statement:

The road is already a success.

Let's keep on walking...

See you at the top.

Great leader. Thanks.

Thank you

Your writings really inspire me sir!


More grace from @henryhart

Thank you

Your story encourage us. Once again we realized that the perseverance and determination build the path to success. Steem Schools serve a great purpose, thanks to you. We know that you are a leader who is not only focused on making money, you have team spirit and care about communication. These are really chance for us :)

Thank you on your kind word, see you at the top.

Quite inspiring post sir...i look forward to more guidance from your posts

You are welcome, Thanks

Indeed consistency and perseverance are the ingredients to success. Thanks for sharing this success story @dobartim it's indeed a motivational one for us young steemites. Thank you

You are welcome

impressive story friend @dobartim. , this is just one more sample of who perseveres in his goals and project reaches, thank you friend for posting this story that motivates those of us who began to move forward

You are welcome

Saludos @dobartim, me encanta esta historia leer sus post me fascina porque es como si estuviera viviendo cada momento de su narración. Prácticamente soy nueva en esta plataforma y mi inicio no fue fácil al igual esciribia y nadie votaba por mis post, hasta llegue a pensar que esta red social era mentira. Yo llegue a ella por mi hermana @sharifanamin que siempre me incentivo. Hoy en día escribo porque me encanta solo que no escribo por escribir necesito inspiración. De usted aprendo cada vez que leo sus publicaciones. Gracias por esos consejitos que nos da cada vez que escribe. Un abrazo Bendiciones.

mas linda @menfita como decían mis alumnos cuando sacaban 20 conmigo. "mas linda y me muero"


Wow, really inspiring story😥and lesson to learn. I joined steemit newly and post has not be geting votes. I thought my account was blocked or something but now i know consistency is the key. I'll not give up, i'll keep having fun, posting and i know one day success would be inevitable. Thank you so much for sharing sir @dobartim


Thank you sir🙂

It was really a short while of exposure, thank you for the shared value @dobartim. Indeed, our struggles do come with lessons. I've seen how you sailed through the hurdles despite the initial difficulty. Great motivation here for a newbie like myself...😊

Welcome to Steemit

Thank you @dobartim. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities on here, hope to have an ally in you...🙈

Buenas tardes amigo, su historia es muy conmovedora y alentadora tanto para mi y le aseguro que para muchos de los que hoy forman parte de esta gran familia Steem. Gracias a sus palabras y a las de otros compañeros que siempre orientan con sus experiencias narrando sus métodos, los cuales nos ayudan a seguir adelante, pero le aseguro que Ud. no es una simple luz es un gran reflector para seguir adelante en el mar de Steem.


Wow, you need a tremendous Richa, you have made a post, and I am looking at it, that what you have used in that gif is also a lot of fun, sir.

See you at the top

You will also improve me and have kept me with your company and with you and will also take me over by thanking you so much sir.

Thanks so much for this piece ...wow bravo

You are welcome

Hi @dorbatim... What a right piece for someone who gas been struggling to hold a place on steemit. From your story, i could retrace my steps and pick out where i've been making mistakes... What struck me the most is that you choose be enthusiastic in writing good comments and you followed the successful ones on the blockchain to to build recognition. Your success story is such a motivational one; a story with handy techniques that can be adopted to build another success.
Thanks for this piece @dobartim
I now have you on my list of successful steemians and just followed you.

What a wonderful story with a deep meaning. Write beautifully, I certainly do not know how, but I will make every effort to also succeed not only here, but also in life. Thank you for sharing your success story. Your example is worthy of imitation.

This a great story my brother God richly bless you for giving we the up coming ones such knowledge,we will pay attention to that and become successful like you one day. Once thanks so much

Only those who are persistent reach the goal:

Friend drop your blog by chance, and I identify a lot with you, the truth is I met steemit in the middle of the worst crisis in my country with a salary of less than a dollar a week and married, we lived rented , at first I did not see any dollar, but it motivated me a lot to see the stories of overcoming of other steemians so I continue today my life is different and I want to learn much more !!

Wow! @dobartim.
You said you find difficulties in English at the start...but now you're English is great! What a job well done!

Persistency, passion, perseverance and patience and determination are the best ingredients to success and of course with a good heart....most of all your good intention and a good heart leads you to success. Keep it up!

Great to read and see this fabulous post. Keep on and winning the race. Great

Preparing to quit after writting for a week without any vote

A very inspiring story. You really motivate me to continue to reach my goals and make my dreams come true. I will take each of the teachings you have shared in this post and apply them to me. Thank you for sharing these valuable lines!❤️

This post is inspiring I congratulate you, no beginning is easy, I'm in diapers

Sir thank you very much for inspiring us,
Am still a new comer but i will do my best to build and promote steemit at a great level.

Wow really inspirational!

Have to respect someone coming up from zero!

Thank you for sharing!

This is lovely @dobartim, this write up is entangle with words of advice, encouragement and purification because in this life I can't kill myself for nothing.