BEFORE & AFTER! CONTEST - Week 7 / Day 2: Design Steem Exclusive Things from Raw or Waste Materials - Reward Pool 50 STEEM

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Hi Dear Friends 🤗

It was a wonderful week for our contests because of the many creative participants who participated with great creations 😍 Finally, we have completed the sixth week of the contest altogether. It made me super happy to see many people participated in this contest with their creative and environmentally friendly works from all over the world. It’s always hard for me to rank the winners because of your high-quality, labor-expended works. I have rewarded 6 more users as a bonus for this week. I appreciate all of the participants 👏👏

Important Notice:

I would like to reward every contest participant who makes effort on their content. I rewarded 9 more users as a bonus in the last 2 weeks.
I have rewarded all of the participants this week.

As I always say, it’s so hard for me to make an order of winners because I think almost all of them worth to be rewarded. And I also think that every single of that creations is unique and has its own high value. That’s why I’m planning to increase the number of winners while making the prizes as close as each other. So I won’t be required to create an ordered list of the winners. And the bonuses will be permanent. I hope this will attract more people and make them happy when the winners are announced. 🥰


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The title of Week 7 is "Design Steem Exclusive Things from Raw or Waste Materials". There can be both waste materials and raw materials that we do not use in our homes. Reuse is the reutilization of a used product with similar or completely different uses. Reuse helps save time, money, energy, and resources.

You can use:

  • Plastic, glass, metal, paper, or any recyclable materials, like bottles, tins, jar, etc
  • Textiles, like waste clothes
  • Packing wastes
  • Shells, nutshell
  • Thread

You may create Artwork or Usable stuff like flower pots, bird feeders, toys etc. from raw or waste materials.

Create your post:

♻︎ Take photos of your work step by step.
✂︎ Tell us how you do it in each step.
✎ Write STEEM SCHOOLS on a paper or an object and put it near your product.


✔ Write a post that has at least 100 words and 2 photos
✔ Post can be in your preferred language
✔ Post the link of your post in the comment space in this post
✔ Post it on the Steem Schools community here
✔ Resteem this post
✔ Submit only one contest entry in a week

Please, don’t hesitate to:

➣ Say Hi to us on the Steem Schools discord channel here
➣ Share your post (link) on social network ( Twitter, Facebook etc ) and put a screenshot in the comment with your post

⏰ End Date6 June 2021 - 23:59 GMT +00:00


3x 7STEEM + 3x 5STEEM + 3x3 STEEM + 5STEEM of bonuses

Get out of your ROUTINE !

Let's make it happen with your designs.

It is a good reason to set aside time for yourself and Steem.

Show your creativity with your style!

I am waiting for great ideas about raw or waste materials 😊



Gracias @enveng este concurso es super fascinante. Cada vez que hago uno semanal me divierto, y lo mejor es que aprendo a elaborar mas manualidades con los post de mis compañeros. De verdad es una idea genial, te felicito.

Hola @menfita, muchas gracias por tus amables palabras. Me siento muy feliz cuando escucho estos comentarios de todos ustedes. Somos un buen equipo juntos 🤗😍

Definitivamente estaré en esto, me encanta como nos motiva a crear con nuestras manos comas linda y con un buen uso para nuestro hogar!

Me preparo para entrar!

#affable #venezuela

Hola @sughey, me alegra escuchar eso. Estaré feliz con tu participación 😊

Gracias @enveng por este concurso... Me encanta elaborar cosas con material de provecho y a su vez darle su debido uso. Me prepararé para concursar!

Hola @flormelendez, muchas gracias Estoy esperando ideas creativas 🤗

Hi @nishadi89, thank you for your participation 😊

You are welcome sis.. ❤

Hola, disculpen, dejaré por aquí mi entrada para el concurso de la semana 7. Me confundí y comenté en otra publicación.
ANTES | DESPUÉS. "Diseñe cosas exclusivas de Steem a partir de materias primas o de desecho." Semana 7. // 02-06-2021 Por @sexylips. || ORGANIZADOR DE OFICINA. MODELO MARIQUITA.

Saludos, mil gracias.