WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 4 - Poetry Game - Day 3 - Reward Pool 50 STEEM-DIE FOR YOU

in Steem Schools7 months ago (edited)


Why can I not be the one to love you
Because for one, I need to hold you
I would love to kiss you and squeeze you, Hold you tight and forever, keep you close, I need you just like I need oxygen.

Why can I not be the one for you, Beyond this sea of beauties, my eyes are for you, I see no one else in my dreams but you, I think of no one better to stay in my thoughts
It's you, who has my soul on a leash.

I can no longer sleep without you
I can't even think clearly anymore
Because I need more of you
I promise to never get tired
Because to my system you are already wired.

Your heart is safe with me
I can jump off the rooftop for you
I can close my eyes and drown for youI can bulletproof you with my heart In short I want to say I can die for you.

I won't fail to acknowledge you my mentor @dobartim thank you sir